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From: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)2/12/04 8:43 AM 
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I remember this forum to be packed with people.... where did everyone go? I must admit I had a long Sojourn from here but like all good creatures I new when to come home.
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From: Leanan_Sidhe (ALDYTH2)2/12/04 9:43 AM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (2 of 13) 
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I am sick as hell. Hope to be back soon.

<weakly waves hello>

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I'm not a bad witch...
 I'm a grumpy witch!

(mumble, mumble)

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From: Saffire (SAFFIREM)2/12/04 10:13 AM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (3 of 13) 
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I'm here... :)

It's not as packed as it may have been on and off throughout time but it's not dead.. LOL. It's certainly more hopping now than when Tarty went on hiatus. LOL


From: Kirsten (koshugi)2/12/04 8:47 PM 
To: Ralph (RBGlatt)  (4 of 13) 
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I guess I'm a good creature too; I came when you called me over from The Galaxy's Edge... ;P

From: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)2/13/04 3:58 AM 
To: Saffire (SAFFIREM)  (5 of 13) 
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This is true. This is true!

Twould be nice to see some more o the oldies too...


From: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)2/13/04 4:48 AM 
To: Leanan_Sidhe (ALDYTH2)  (6 of 13) 
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get better!!!!

From: subcomandante dagaz (Iucundus)2/14/04 2:29 PM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (7 of 13) 
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i was away for a long time since the period when tarty took the hiatus. maybe i'll drop in from time to time now she's back.

From: Rach (Ralac71)2/17/04 11:00 AM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (8 of 13) 
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It's an ebb and flow of life. All who have been here and appreciate the warmth, fun and support come back. I could only come in every so often because I travelled for work and it didn' allow me much time to do anything but work when on a crappy 28.8 connection. But with a new job I'm allowed to flow back. Yay!!



From: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/17/04 3:47 PM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (9 of 13) 
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I just came back this morning from 6 days in Arizona-- big SCA event--The Estrella War.

Joe and I had a blast. There were over 7000 SCAdians from all over the country. The days were incredibly warm and clear and beautiful. The nights were kind of chilly but it helps to be tenting with a big furry heat machine.

We met up with Dakinia and TiggyJenn last night for dinner in Phoenix and then drove back to LA-- we were exhausted and had to pull over and sleep for about 4 hours.

I will have pictures in a day or two


Edited 2/17/2004 3:50:13 PM ET by Tarty (RAVENGIL)

From: Bluehawk (Bluehawk9)2/27/04 10:33 PM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (10 of 13) 
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Glad to see is said elsewhere, there's an ebb and flow to most Forums. It's picking back up again here...which is good!



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