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From: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/3/04 1:26 AM 
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I found this great quote:

"So what if 3,000 gay and lesbian couples got
married in San Francisco? I don't feel
threatened. Do you? Does it make you want to run
right out and get a divorce? The problem with
marriage is not that so many gays and lesbians
want to join in; it's that so many straight
people don't take their marriage vows seriously.
There's no need for a constitutional amendment to
protect the institution of marriage."

- Bill Press, on the Christian website

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From: BEOWULF (beowulf51)3/3/04 12:20 PM 
To: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2 of 10) 
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I wonder if they'll keep statistics on the percentage of "gay" divorces vs. "straight" divorces. As you know, the divorce rate is going through the roof, which of course shows just how seriously the "straight" people take marriage. Just ask Britney Spears.

From: Saffire (SAFFIREM)3/4/04 7:15 PM 
To: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 10) 
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If they wanted to solidify the institution of marriage, they'd make a constitutional amendment to ban divorce... but then the divorce lawyers would all complain about job losses.

Actually, if the boy king shrub were smart, he'd let this gay marriage thing just slide... it's more likely to CREATE jobs as folks will need MORE wedding planners, DJs, photographers, videographers, reception halls, cakes, food... he could use it for his campaign dammit! Alas.. a pipedream. LOL...

But that is a great quote.

Like I told my brother and his partner.... my marriage WAS affected by the gay marriages out in S.F..... it made it stronger. I love love and I get all gushy when I see folks in love, I don't care what sexual orientation or even gender identity they are... love's grand and when 2 folks are fortunate enough to find each other in this mad mad world, then I say KUDOS TO THEM! I raise my glass to any couple (gay, straight or whatever) brave (some would say stupid? LOL) enough to get married. LOL..


From: Mário Filho (mariofilho)3/6/04 5:41 AM 
To: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 10) 
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good quote-I should show it to my mom. She seems to think that A child is deprived of happiness and any chance of normalcy if they don't have a 'mother' and 'father' and the traditional gender roles that come with them-makes no sense to me.

btw...and off topic as usual
why is there a waiting list to be able to post on your other site? Keeps annoying lil' jackasses like me away, I s'pose <g>


**edited to add:
Also...where did you find the quote

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From: Saffire (SAFFIREM)3/6/04 2:00 PM 
To: Mário Filho (mariofilho)  (5 of 10) 
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Ya know.. my mom grew up in one of those "perfect" families... a mom and a dad, 6 siblings... and she was in sheer hell. She was beaten for questioning the Bible and asking questions about things she was supposed to just accept. She woulda been better off in almost any other family setting... having a mom an dad doesn't always make for a perfect family.. sometimes it just adds to the pandemonium.

When she divorced her first husband, her mother told her she would be better off dead than divorced.. yeah, real nice. And her parents stayed married right up to their deaths... I've seen other families.. with a mom and dad and really messed up kids. LOL.. mind you not always but then 'untraditional' families can be success stories in their own right.

What it comes down to is family is what you make it. Blood doesn't always make for happiness and sometimes you gotta make compost when life hands you shit.. no matter how many parents, what kind of family or what kind of upbringing you get.


From: Mário Filho (mariofilho)3/8/04 5:20 AM 
To: Saffire (SAFFIREM)  (6 of 10) 
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Shit! Sounds kind like how my mom was raised! Only differences were-she got beat for questioning her parents, not the bible; and when she started showing concern about marrying her first husband, her father told her she was to marry him (such a duitiul child).

Has your mom since reconciled w/her parents anfter the "better dead" comments?

*with a mom and dad and really messed up kids* and my sibs!

Funny thing girlfriends family has accepted me and given me more support w/ my (attempted) business than my own has.


From: Saffire (SAFFIREM)3/8/04 1:10 PM 
To: Mário Filho (mariofilho)  (7 of 10) 
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They never reconciled because her parents never thought they did anything wrong... not in their treatment of her. It's a case of "what did we do wrong? She's not like us!" syndrome. Both her parents are dead now but when her mother was on her deadbed I was summoned as she had a wedding quilt to give me (as she did with all the kids/grands) and I made sure to let her know that my mom wasn't a failure.. no I didn't rant or rave I was sugary sweet as syrup didn't hide my pent (in a Mennonite run nursing home mind you) or my mind but just wanted her to know that not my mom nor her kids (all 'screwed up' in my mom's family's minds - cuz we're not... 'normal') were anything but upstanding citizens. She did good as a person and is a wonderful woman. I kept out the cynical remarks I COULD have made like "despite your attempts to crush her soul and spirit"... but I didn't. I did chuckle as my mom's mother saw my pent as I said "gentle blessings" in parting and said "Do you go to church?" I simply said "I don't need to" *smile* "I have a direct connetion if needed"... *grin* My aunt got me out quick after that!

My mom reconciled it in her mind that she is how she is regardless of what they tried to do to her. They won't ever understand her (or us) and she's fine with that. She knows she has NOTHING to prove to her sibs and she knows she's loved ... and she did end up being the loving mother she never had (who gave unconditional love and hugs and kisses for no reason). Thankfully she saw where her parents failed and made it better for us. Her sibs still don't understand her... or us and pray for us I'm sure. LOL... we pray for them too... LOL.


From: Mário Filho (mariofilho)3/9/04 5:32 AM 
To: Saffire (SAFFIREM)  (8 of 10) 
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*mouth open in awe of Saffire and Saffire's Mom*

((((((((((((((((Saffire and Mom)))))))))))))))))))

pent *and* mind were showing in the Mennonite nursing home, huh? Nice.
You're being prayed for (as in to change who you are, yes?)? Why? You seem pretty normal to me.... So does your mom by the sound of it (esp. considering the shit she had gotten).
**...gave unconditional love and hugs and kisses for no reason**
I miss those...

Have a good morning :-)


From: Saffire (SAFFIREM)3/9/04 8:17 AM 
To: Mário Filho (mariofilho)  (9 of 10) 
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Yes.. well, praying for our salvation, you know, THEY'RE version of salvation. Put it to you this way... I have two siblings who are gay... when my mom told my one aunt about the second one her reaction was "oh, not another one" she was sorry that my sibs were, in her eyes, immoral and sinful beyond being sinful. My mom's mother couldn't even write lesbian in a letter once... she asked "so is ___ still a Lisbon?"... I asked my mom, since when did she move to Spain? LOL... sometimes ya gotta laugh. ;)

Hugs are always good ~*(~*(~*(~*(~Mario~)*~)*~)*~)*~ have a great day, my friend!


From: Bunny1383/9/04 9:45 AM 
To: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 10) 
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Yeh, sure agree. THanks for the quote. By the way, I've missed being here. Time goes too fast, and I get too busy, I guess. Hope everyone here is doing fine.

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