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From: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host8/8/04 2:54 AM 
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Scientist says Ireland is lost island of Atlantis
Friday, August 6, 2004 Posted: 1:31 PM EDT (1731 GMT)
DUBLIN, Ireland (Reuters) -- Atlantis, the legendary island-nation whose existence has been debated for thousands of years, was actually Ireland, according to a new theory by a Swedish scientist.

Atlantis, the Greek philosopher Plato wrote in 360 B.C., was an island in the Atlantic Ocean where an advanced civilization developed some 11,500 years ago until it was hit by a cataclysmic natural disaster and sank beneath the waves.

Geographer Ulf Erlingsson, whose book explaining his theory will be published next month, says the measurements, geography, and landscape of Atlantis as described by Plato match Ireland almost exactly.

The whole story

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From: OLDJAMES8/8/04 8:26 AM 
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Just like the irish to pop right back after sinking to

the depths,  ive read this article, it does present

an interesting association. Is it factual, my

guess is not. Plato was given to flights of

fancy according to others of his time. and how

did ireland pop back up


Learn all you can absorbe and fear nothing



From: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host8/8/04 12:40 PM 
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Hiya James!

It does make sense, doesn't it?


From: MythBlade (Talismonger)8/10/04 11:08 AM 
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My friend Richard told me about this, and I thought it was a joke.

Ireland has it's own "version" of Atlantis, the Isle of Glass. Supposedly it was located north west of the mainland.

As much as I have overly-romanticized perceptions of Ireland all things Irish, I seriously doubt Ireland was Atlantis.


From: GreyHawk (greyhawk121)8/10/04 11:12 AM 
To: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 5) 
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I doubt it's Atlantis, but - given the habit of likening it (or portions thereof) to aspects of the Arthurian Camelot myth, the "Isle of Glass" lore may indicate that, perhaps in it's ancient past, Ireland was one step of the journey to and from Atlantis.

Current lore, I think, has Atlantis quite a distance from there, tho...


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