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From: Ralph (RBGlatt)12/8/04 11:21 AM 
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He's my hero! Not.

Starring Willie Aames as Bibleman.

Can you believe this stuff has been going on for about ten years, now?

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From: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host12/8/04 1:21 PM 
To: Ralph (RBGlatt)  (2 of 11) 
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Pretty silly


From: Ralph (RBGlatt)12/8/04 1:28 PM 
To: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 11) 
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I guess he's trying to make up for using his voice in all those Dungeons and Dragons cartoons. ;-)

From: Saffire (SAFFIREM)12/11/04 8:07 PM 
To: Ralph (RBGlatt)  (4 of 11) 
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Oh my.... *shakes head*...
"flamboyant villians of Darkness"? Give me a break!

Bibleman show? A fight for faith? Bwauahahahahahaha... Bibleman video game... yeah, there ya go..

Some folks have way too much time on their hands.. I guess he didn't want to do the washed up actor type commercials for Old Navy and went this path... not sure that was a wise move, but hey.. whatever butters his toast! LOL


From: Ralph (RBGlatt)12/12/04 9:21 AM 
To: Saffire (SAFFIREM)  (5 of 11) 
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I've been looking for it on the Christian channels on tv, with no luck. Could have sworn I'd seen him on there a while back. I wouldn't mind seeing a show, just to find out if he's serious, or if it's some sort of joke the fundies haven't caught onto yet.

From: Rach (Ralac71)12/18/04 9:27 AM 
To: Ralph (RBGlatt)  (6 of 11) 
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It's amazing the lenghts Christians (dare I say zelaots?) will go to make their religion interesting. I wonder how many kids remain xian when made to watch this stuff. Just going to catholic school made me run screaming.



From: Ralph (RBGlatt)12/18/04 11:27 AM 
To: Rach (Ralac71)  (7 of 11) 
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Yeah, it's pretty strange.

From: Kirsten (koshugi)12/18/04 12:29 PM 
To: Ralph (RBGlatt)  (8 of 11) 
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That's so cheesy you can put it on crackers.... :P

From: Alli (AlliJaguar)12/27/04 11:46 PM 
To: Ralph (RBGlatt)  (9 of 11) 
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Half Price Books has action figures...

From: Ralph (RBGlatt)12/28/04 6:49 AM 
To: Alli (AlliJaguar)  (10 of 11) 
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Thanks for the heads up! ;-)

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