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Here's another one I'd like to see make the rounds of the underground, and bubble up through the grassroots movement:
"No Outlet."

The premise is simple: BushCo and the NeoCon political machine has quelled negative coverage and bombarded media with their propaganda. This propaganda-campaign strategy utilizes tricks from the old Soviet Communism, Nazi Germany, and American Smear Campaigns in order to present anti-American goals and objectives as 'Patriotic'. The best way to kill such a viral infection - other than to innoculate it with the truth - is to give it no outlet.

Don't sell ad space to anything supporting the Shrub or the NeoCon agenda. Don't cover - or give minor coverage to - anything they attempt to stage in the news. Talk over their propaganda or contrast it to fact wherever it cannot be avoided.

Don't give them the air time they want, and when it cannot be denied, provide immediate counterpoints. Place disclaimers before and after anything that comes from their camps.

Give them no outlet. De-fang this venomous viper before it strikes again, and help suck out the poison that has been set loose in the lifeblood of America.

The most effective way to kill a fire is to cut off the supply of oxygen. Similarly, the Bush Administration and the NeoCon political machine have found that the most effective way to quell dissent is to control the media and launch massive propaganda campaigns. For Americans who wish to take back their nation, the best way to deflate a propaganda attack is to give it no outlet, and have it fall on deaf ears. Once the fangs of the beast are prevented from spreading their poison, control of the media can be wrested from their grasp, and the truth - a potent antidote - can be administered.

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