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From: GreyHawk (greyhawk121) Posted by host1/30/05 10:04 PM 
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Anyone think that this kind of scientific research will have any impact on the Bush Administration's insistance that climate impact by people is, at best, minimal over a very very long time?
Study: Large fires created Australian desert
Thursday, January 27, 2005 Posted: 1849 GMT (0249 HKT)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Settlers who came to Australia 50,000 years ago and set fires that burned off natural flora and fauna may have triggered a cataclysmic weather change that turned the country's interior into the dry desert it is today, U.S. and Australian researchers said on Tuesday.

Their study, reported in the latest issue of the journal, Geology, supports arguments that early settlers literally changed the landscape of the continent with fire.

"The implications are that the burning practices of early humans may have changed the climate of the Australian continent by weakening the penetration of monsoon moisture into the interior," Gifford Miller of the University of Colorado at Boulder, who led the study, said in a statement.


Fossil evidence shows that birds and marsupials that once lived in Australia's interior would have browsed on trees, shrubs and grasses rather than the desert scrub environment that is there today.

It also shows large charcoal deposits most likely caused by widespread fires, conveniently dating to the arrival of people.


Personally, I think that the Bush Administration won't read the study, and after hearing about it will likely be angry with Australia for not presenting the information in a manner that more in keeping with the 'party line'.

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From: MythBlade (Talismonger)1/31/05 10:56 AM 
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Makes me wonder...

Perhaps the Australian Bush men developed their view of the world knowing their ancestors were responsible for their environment...


From: Bluehawk (Bluehawk9)2/2/05 7:54 AM 
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Well, as a former history grad student majoring in late Republican Rome (yes, I have been many things, but rarely bored) it's hard for people today to realize that Africa Province (roughly, modern-day Libya) was the breadbasket of Rome. Along with, of course, that modern representation of Eden, Sicily. One should also study the contemporary records of the great fertility of once richly-forested areas of Spain that are now arid. It's easy - kill off the native vegitation, over-graze and/or exhaust the soil with poor farming practices, thus altering the index of reflection and heat circulation over large areas, which changes precititation patterns, get it, eh? Man-made climate change is a firmly established fact.

As a species, we are somewhere between a parasite and a disease. If it was not for the presence of charming and intelligent folks like ourselves that convinces the Mother that humankind can occasionally be worth the hassle, I'm sure we'd be long gone. Despite the best efforts of the rest of the race to egg Her on to get out the Cosmic Neosporin and rub some on us.

So, how's your day? (*G*)



From: MythBlade (Talismonger)2/2/05 2:12 PM 
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>> So, how's your day? (*G*) <<

Um. Besides spending tiem trying to figure out what I can stuff into four pieces of luggage, spendign two hours to update my site on time, and despeartely to ignore my roommates?

Personally, I hope Armageddon comes soon. Once all these "other" religions have their Rupture, maybe we can get things cleaned up.

As long as Ragnarok doesn't come at the saem time, that is. I'd miss my Asatru friends.


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