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Earth First Dreaming School

"An open source conscious dreaming group, were all individuals can read and comment to each other's dream journal. We suggest using Jeremy Taylor's "If It Were My Dream" approach, and writing dreams in present tense. We are dedicated to reviving the dreaming culture and exploring our collective dreaming. Members still have their own journals in one of thirteen dream teams. You join the dream team that is the tone of your Dreamspell Galactic signature, but otherwise you don't have to be keen on Dreamspell or know anything about the 13 Moon Calendar. You don't even have to know anything about dreams."

In search of the Philosopher's Dreaming Stone...

In Lak’ech,


Invitation to Earth First Dreaming School

Are you interested in your dreams? Do you keep a dream journal?

Do you have a hunch that there is something deeper going on with collective dreaming, some kind of dream magick, perhaps?

My Earth First Dream School has been opened on Yahoo egroups since last Spring.

Now we have our official forum open :

Earth First Dreaming School is part of the Star Foundation, along with Sea Life forum based in Australia.

"Every woman and man is a Star."

We believe in the value of all life, human, plant, animal, etc. In fact the whole Planet is a Star!

EFDS has been open for two weeks. Already we have 13 members and I suspect it will grow quickly.

We are looking for people who are interested in dreaming and keeping a dream journal. You don’t have to know a whole lot about dreaming. This is a very supportive group, with lots of networking if you care for it.

This is a shift in the education paradigm, making learning fun again. Our focus is around dreamwork and magick. We use the 13 Moon calendar in a unique way. There are 13 Dream Teams in section one, Dreaming Feathers and a person applies to join the team that is their tone in the Dreamspell. For instance, I am Red Self-existing Dragon, so I am in Team Four.

We have a dream team application and a section to introduce yourself in our welcome area, which is named Kuxan Suum after the Mayan term for Universal Umbilical Chord.

Section Two is called Dolphin Dreaming and is divided up into 5 dream teams: Green Balance, Green Joy, Green Purpose, Green Peace and Green Harmony. This section is dedicated to Dream Alchemy, Magick and Enchantment, as the Green glyphs suggest. A person may post their deeper, magickal dreams in this section and the 5 teams are for Collective Dreaming, not just one person’s journal.

Finally the inner sanctum of EFDS is Revised Silverstar. This is by invitation only, and if you are dedicated to dream magick and dream alchemy work, let me know and we can discuss what this section will be used for.

What makes EFDS distinct with Sea Life is that on EFDS one belongs to a team, and only a person can start a thread in their own team (definitely their own online dream journal), but everyone can read and comment on any person’s dream in any team. I feel this will add to the synchronicity and cohesion of the group.

We recommend folks post their dreams in the present tense, though diversity is accepted and its not a fast and hard rule. I’d also request people comment on dreams in the form Jeremy Tayolor suggests, "If this were my dream." I have found if I really put myself into this role, and make the dream my own, then I am really saying if this were my dream, and I have ahas as well. This also usually triggers more collective dreaming with my own dream work. I recommend Jeremy Taylor’s book "Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill", ‘using dreams to tap the wisdom of the unconscious’. I agree with him that dreams come in the service to health and healing.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Join the Mars Resistance today!

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