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From: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)3/22/05 6:57 AM 
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Hi all its been a while I can only apologise for that it was unintentional, things catch up with you once in a while and things definately caught up with me...

I hate to make my first post in a while a request but I need some assistance.

One of my friends (A solitary pagan) is having some issues with a nasty spirit that is draining her when she tries to cast spells, she is very much a novice and began her path on her own, however now she has gotten to know me I am going to attempt to give her some assistance in figuring out what this spirit wants and why it is plaguing her.

I must admit most of my spell reportoire is of protection I have some small cantrips for dealing with annoying negative energy but I think I may need some aid in this one.

What I am going to do tonight is to go around and get a feel for her home, the spirit only drains her after a spell though several things have also happened like her pubescent eldest girl is showing some very random and out of character behaviour, lying, shouting, screaming, normal for a pubescent child but totally out of character for the girl none the less, it may have nothing to do with this ladies issue but I find it very odd that its all come around at exactly the same time.. I just want to be sure.

Once I have had a look I am going to attempt to see if we can get the spirit to make itself known by way of getting this lady to cast a minor cantrip. If I can get a reaction then I will attempt to contact it and understand what it wants, if it really is something bad I will attempt to banish it entirely.

From there we can see what needs to be done, I have some nice spells for house protection and will most likely do one to see if that clears the issue and moves this spirit on.

What I need is some helpful sympathetic energy for tonight (in six or seven hours), also if anyone has any decent spells that I can use to aid me then thats great.

You guys are all bloody marvellous and have taught me much, in the last year or so my lifes taken a real downturn and I think this will help me regain my balance, something I really need at this moment in time, I have the strength but could do with more, I may need a little more knowledge on banish spells though its been a long long time.



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From: GreyHawk (greyhawk121) Posted by host3/22/05 7:25 AM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (2 of 8) 
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I've nothing to offer aside from sending you some positive energy in the forms of hoping you successful.

...hope others are able to provide more assistance, and good luck.

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From: Kirsten (koshugi)3/22/05 11:57 AM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (3 of 8) 
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Alright, 10 AM or 11 AM my time (in about an hour) I'll say a little prayer; hope it helps. I usually leave the purifying stuff up to my husband but if I remember blessed water and fresh paint help to keep away entiities like that. Hope it works out okay; the last thing anyone needs is to have to deal with stuff like that.

From: SnowQn*IceMaiden (kimsmiser)3/22/05 5:31 PM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (4 of 8) 
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Please let us know how it goes.,..
My first thought is what type of protection energy wise she practices,also what is she doing as far as energy work?<what kind of energy work>

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From: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)3/23/05 5:04 AM 
To: SnowQn*IceMaiden (kimsmiser)  (5 of 8) 
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Whew what a night.... there was definately something there.. and it was not pleasent. She had not really been protecting herself beyond the casting circle, she is very much a novice... but this is the write up:

Basically I turned up last night to the house, I spent a minute or two outside finishing my cigerette and getting a feel for the place. It felt fine, I received no feelings at all, looking at the house it is a modern building, very surdy and split over three levels, the top floor is the kids bedrooms, the middle is the ladies bedroom and the bathroom and the lower level is the front room, dining room and kitchen (I have been there before a few times) I roughly put the house at 50 - 60 years old, perhaps a little older.

Upon entering the property no feelings at all, I saw the eldest child whom I have met several times and if a little shy was pleasent and ready to go to bed, as I came in I noticed the woman I was to see had taken my advice, a loverly little garlic and lavender bundle at the front door and similar bundles all over near the windows and doors. After chatting briefly I discovered that her #### had popped to the shop quickly and would be back shortly, a good chance to have a quick look around without any external influences, I ventured downstairs into the dining room where she had said the main issue was. I had no feelings of ill will or auras of dread.

I saw she had a rabbit in the room who was friendly, two cats, one of which came in and was friendly. She arrived about five minutes after me. as soon as she came in I felt something, I couldnt place it but there was something odd, I had a coffee and we chatted a bit, her boyfriend (good friend of mine) came in said hi chatted for a minute then went into the front room.

We then began talking about the spirit, she had been plagued for a month or two now, disrupting her castings and making her scared in her own home. now she is a down to earth though slightly timid woman, not weak but just quite. She knows it is a he, and he liked to stand by the fireplace, at that time we were in the kitchen. As we talked I got a feeling of a build up, its hard to describe but the atmosphere became heavier and heavier. The feeling began as the back of the neck tickle, at first I thought it was talking about it, but it got alot worse very quickly.

I asked her were it was and she said he was at the fireplace, so I pulled out my camera (fully charged and new batteries before I left) the camera turned on flashed up a battery dead symbol, managed to take a single photo before it turned itself off. tried several times but each time the same thing happened, we tried new battries from a pack she had to the same end, though the camera was completely dead, we even tried the ones from the tv changers to the same end.

Evidently he did not like having his picture taken, though I did manage several by using the origonal batteries, though each time the camera would turn off straight after, he moved around several times.

The atmosphere then changed again, really oppressive, I had a protection spell up, a good one too (THANKS TARTY!!!! ITS YOURS!) designed to reflect negative energy back to the source, I could feel something trying to bring down the protections, so I used the simple line of salt across the portal and a simple spirit ban spell on the kitchen door, this seemed to work quite well lessening his effect on me though you could still sense it, the lady was getting frightened and I must admit I was getting concerned, very concerned.

at that point I guided the lady through a protection spell similar to mine, I see it as a silver skin, she felt more comfortable with the image of a bubble. its quite a potent spell and took me months to master and slightly longer to get it to a level I felt it was really effective, but she cast it, felt better, the spirit was really getting to me then I felt sick, was shaking, something really wasnt happy, he ended up standing right on the entrance to the kitchen just beyond the ban, (I would like to note I only felt were he was I saw no figures, or outlines at all but I know something was there).

I told him firmly and with respect to leave, and not to come back, that we were not going to let him carry on.

We waited a while and he got weaker I could feel his influence slipping away, every now and then he would try again but each time he got weaker. eventually he left through the chimney according to the lady however before it left she sensed a feeling of sorrow, this feeling I did not get at all, I knew when he left and that he was in the fireplace.

All whilst this was going on we talked about her spells and how she did them, she was doing the initial circle fine, but she wasnt grounding herself at the end. We discussed spells and how best to proceed, I in short said do what you feel is right and you will be fine, just remember to cast the circle and the protection spell I talked her through before doing anything, then ensuring a cake and glass of water or wine is eaten/drunk at the end.

All in all it was very draining, though I felt exhilirated, after he had gone we went through the house using spirit bans to bar all spirits of ill intent from enetering, she has to finish it off today in the kids rooms and the front room but I am hoping that she will have no more problems, I did warn her that he may come back and it might take a few attempts to get rid of him totally but to be honest I think he is gone.

So thats what went on, a definate result, I am round there on sunday for a roast with my girlfriend and we shall see if she has had any more issues, I have told her to lay off the casting for a week other than the protection spell, and when she starts up again to do it with a small spell first and see how it goes.

I would like to thank all of you who threw some aid my way, it was the most intense spirit I have ever encountered, very angry, very nasty.

But most of all we won (I hope).

Blessings to all of you!


From: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)3/23/05 5:31 AM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (6 of 8) 
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Trouble is I havent been able to get rid of a nosebleed, keeps coming back, perhaps I overexerted myself

From: Kirsten (koshugi)3/23/05 7:33 PM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (7 of 8) 
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Thanks for helping her out. Are you able to take it easy for awhile? If it doesn't go away you'll have to go see a doctor I guess. It's allergy season too which doesn't help.

From: SnowQn*IceMaiden (kimsmiser)3/24/05 12:47 AM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (8 of 8) 
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Well I finally got through reading your post<was doing other things while reading>
In saying that I hate to say,I dont believe it to be comepletely gone,meaning it will be back,....Theres reasons behind why I get a sense on stating that...

Agian though,Just a hunch....I aint no genuis...ha haa####If it does come back~smiles~
Let me know and I will give ya a couple of reasons why I sensed that...
Id rather not say now...because hopefully I am wrong~
Reguardless sounds like you did great!!And the reason I felt what i said really has nothing to do with what you did or didnt do...
It is very scarey sometimes to feel such things...
But always remember somethings<well alot of things energywise> can gain energy from you!From fear,confusion or instability....So when I start feeling that way I quickly remember that And cast that energy that is throwing me off....
I hope everything stays cool at her place!

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