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Hey guys, I know its been a while since I posted anything here. But I'm pretty freakin' steamed about something and need some suggestions.

Here's the deal and I would appreciate some advice from anyone who lives in California or has been to college and dealt with a similar situation.

My girlfriend just called to tell me that her school, Cal State San Marcos, has someone just randomly standing outside on the pavilion with speakers reading a bible out loud for everyone to hear. Now before anyone jumps on me for trying to tell christians they can't exercise their faith freely ...

This is the same school that changed their mind at the last minute and refused to let Michael Moore speak there because of community pressure from all the freaks driving around So Cal with their GWBush stickers on their SUV's. But I guess since there's this nice little stolen pagan holiday coming up for the Christians, its alright to have someone using University property to shout out Jesus garbage everywhere and annoy the hell out of the student body. Something tells me no muslims will be afforded an oppurtunity to read from the Qu' Ran during Ramadan.

My G/F thinks it's hopeless to complain. CSUSM is in my neighborhood however and I don't take fascism lying down, never have. Anybody know how I could get the word out and complain? Keep in mind I'm active duty military and can't participate in demonstrations (tho that ceryainly didn't stop the Bush supporters this year).

Thanks to anyone who can help me out. Its not fair to anyone there who doesn't believe in the teachings of the bible (which I would venture to guess is a good margin of the student body from what I've seen when I visited my G/F at her school).


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