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From: ThunderWolf (britespirit) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/22/05 5:36 PM 
To: MythBlade (Talismonger)  (8 of 17) 
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How about Satan for a name? LOL (j/k)



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From: MythBlade (Talismonger)5/23/05 2:10 AM 
To: ThunderWolf (britespirit) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 17) 
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Oh, please. Wrong coloring... and not enough talent, just inclination.

For now his name is "Tagalong", "Tag" for short. Which he does, repeatedly, on various parts of my body with claws fully and innocently extended.


From: ThunderWolf (britespirit) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/23/05 2:16 AM 
To: MythBlade (Talismonger)  (10 of 17) 
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LMAO! Sounds like a much better name than what I suggested! ;) Besides, you name 'em after a deity and they think they should be treated like one! Just ask my cat, Isis! LOL




From: MythBlade (Talismonger)5/23/05 2:25 AM 
To: ThunderWolf (britespirit) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (11 of 17) 
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All cats ARE deities. Once you come to grips with that, the better off you are.

I am just aflicted with very juvenile one at the moment.

At the moment, the only way I can get him to calm down for a while is to cover him with a sheet and pet him through it. Which lasts for about five minutes.


From: ThunderWolf (britespirit) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/23/05 8:58 AM 
To: MythBlade (Talismonger)  (12 of 17) 
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LMAO Good luck with him! I do realize they're deities. That's why I thought naming her after one would be a good idea. But you think they already know that without the name to go with it? Just give one the name to go with it and watch out! LMAO




From: Kirsten (koshugi)5/24/05 10:51 AM 
To: MythBlade (Talismonger)  (13 of 17) 
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An old friend of mine named one of her kittens Adolf because the kitten was a little dictator...[Edited for spelling.]
  • Edited 5/24/2005 10:51 am ET by Melamine /Heartagram (koshugi)

From: Alli (AlliJaguar)6/18/05 3:52 PM 
To: MythBlade (Talismonger)  (14 of 17) 
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Name it Stan, put a nametag on it, and when people see it say its a typo. ;)

From: MythBlade (Talismonger)6/18/05 5:47 PM 
To: Alli (AlliJaguar)  (15 of 17) 
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Sorry, I don't get the joke.

From: Alli (AlliJaguar)6/19/05 12:18 AM 
To: MythBlade (Talismonger)  (16 of 17) 
 9277.16 in reply to 9277.15 

Ah, you don't watch enough Family Guy.

"It says here you testified that I worship some guy named Stan??"
"Actually I said satan, that's a typo."


From: MythBlade (Talismonger)6/19/05 3:35 AM 
To: Alli (AlliJaguar)  (17 of 17) 
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I don't have a TV, no.

Occasionally, I catch a few mintues of that show on the TV at work.


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