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From: texascorgi5/26/05 10:26 AM 
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Here are some pictures of my newest rescue. I was at the vet clinic getting annual shots for one of my other dogs and I ran into this little guy. My vet was recommending to the lady to put him to sleep because they figured that he had parvo and would not live. The lady left and I told my vet that I did not agree with putting the puppy to sleep because parvo can be treated so I told him that I wanted the puppy. So to make long story short I ended up taking him to a different vet and found out that he did not parvo and that I basically was ripped off by the other vet. He had a belly full of worms and a bacteria infection. He will be coming home tomorrow and should start putting on weight (he is 8 weeks and weights 6 pounds) Right now he has two names Little John or Kane. I am also taking suggestions for names.
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From: texascorgi5/26/05 10:27 AM 
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here is a link where you can see some more pictures of him


From: Kirsten (koshugi)5/26/05 11:21 AM 
To: texascorgi  (3 of 44) 
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Who could resist that face?

From: Kirsten (koshugi)5/26/05 11:23 AM 
To: texascorgi  (4 of 44) 
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Pretty spots!

From: texascorgi5/26/05 12:31 PM 
To: Kirsten (koshugi)  (5 of 44) 
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I know. :) He is such a sweetheart and has the greatest personality.

From: Ralph (RBGlatt)5/26/05 1:35 PM 
To: texascorgi  (6 of 44) 
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Well, then, I guess the name "Ralph" is out of the question. ;-p


From: texascorgi5/26/05 1:43 PM 
To: Ralph (RBGlatt)  (7 of 44) 
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Probably because he does not look like a Ralph ;)

From: Ralph (RBGlatt)5/26/05 1:52 PM 
To: texascorgi  (8 of 44) 
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Yeah, he's too big. ;-p

Looks like a Butch to me.


From: Ralph (RBGlatt)5/26/05 3:22 PM 
To: texascorgi  (9 of 44) 
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He doesn't look like a Ralph, does he? Is it because he's so cute and cuddly? ;-p

From: texascorgi5/26/05 3:36 PM 
To: Ralph (RBGlatt)  (10 of 44) 
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He is very cute and cuddly but he just does not look like a Ralph. His previous owners had named him Fred but that name really did not fit him.


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