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From: Alli (AlliJaguar)10/13/05 11:36 PM 
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Modern Witch-Hunt

Prior to PPD of 2003, the problems were as I stated above, just starting, but then we were originally going to hold PPD in this town and one of the Council members, Glenn Ross began to collect signatures to stop it and writing letters to the editor to me and my God from him and his and also began to preach at me at the council meetings, which seemed to really inflame the public with me. We had a race riot on the 4th of July weekend, where Juicy Brown was murdered and an elderly man shot when he stepped out on his front porch and we cancelled the event and I went to the Council meeting to let them know that and Glenn Ross, claimed "that God was looking over the balcony and didn't like what he saw, so he spite the evil pagans down and that this was a great day for the residents of Great Falls and that every citizen should rejoice in God's glory," or something to that affect.

I went to PPD in Charlotte with a friend's husband and my Goddaughter and when I arrived back home after a wonderful day with friends and family, I walked into a home, that a front door and windows were broken and spray painted, cabinets tore down, poop in microwave, cat box dumped in my bed, spray paint on the walls that said, " die witch," refrigerator and stove flipped over and everything out of the drawers and it was totally demolished. I called the Chief and then I went to the police station only to be given a security catalog and told he would be jeopardizing his job. I went home and attempted to clean up and from that day forward until August 11, 2004, my house was vandalized a total of 9 times. I have redone my home 5 times and am working on the 6th now. During that time, everything except one piece of furniture survived in its entirety, which is a dresser from a beautiful bedroom suit. How it survived I don't have a clue, but one of my friend's reminds that he feels it is because when he came over and saw it flipped on the floor and offered to turn it back up, I told him to leave it that it would only end up there again and he said he thinks that saved it.

I can't believe this has been going on for this woman for SIX years and no one's been able to stop it! It's not like she's the only Witch in town, she organized a Pagan Pride Day for crying out loud and it was enough to spook the assholes in the Town Council!

The fact that the council was capable of basically locking her out of police protection by ordering the police to ignore her is outrageous! No citizen should be denied protection by the police. The fact that that an officer investigating the slaughter of her cats saw a print and then intentionally smudged it to declare no evidence found, why hasn't the FBI or something intervened here? The state police even? This is a violation of this woman's right to live and be safe! This is fricking America for crying out loud! To this day she's still living like this, its sick. Some certain people in that town need to be locked in a small box with violent horny male babboons...

And if the article confused anyone, basically she went to the town meetings to complain about obscene drug dealers harrassing and nearly beating her. At the meeting the council turned around and decided they would rather ignore it and focus on her "offensive" Pagan bumperstickers. She goes to about 6 meetings trying to get her case heard about the drug dealers and ends up deciding to fight fire with fire because the council only complains about her stickers and begins to preach at her and names her in the opening prayers. So she petitions for a generic prayer and people start calling her a satanist and begin destroying her home and killed her pets over the years.

The council ordered the police to ignore her so she is not getting any help.

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From: Erin (Vigdisdotter) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/23/05 10:49 PM 
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Has she taken it up with the ACLU?


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From: Alli (AlliJaguar)10/25/05 11:37 AM 
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I'd have to look over the article again, I know she had mentioned some Pagan organizations that have tried to help her. I think her lawyer is from one.

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From: Alli (AlliJaguar)10/25/05 11:38 AM 
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Darla: I get moral and legal support from AREN. Sheila Jackson of the SC ACLU Piedmont Chapter, is a UU and she has gone to a UU meeting and 4 UU's have come together and are planning to come over in October to either do an assessment of my home or possibly to begin working on my home to get it livable again.

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