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From: afun4/9/03 8:10 PM 
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his dick suckin' buddy sting and such...why wasn't anyone there. could russ be oustead?
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From: Nmktchick4/11/03 5:58 PM 
To: afun  (2 of 16) 
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Nah. I think him and Dani wanted a family and close friends wedding. Besides, they can always have a party later for all the other starry folks.

From: afun4/14/03 10:13 AM 
To: Nmktchick  (3 of 16) 
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the ceremony and recept sounded quite nice. I think they must really love Abba. Did you see Muriel's Wedding. Okay how silly. I know you saw that movie. You see everything I see. Remember how she loved Abba. I really started like Abba after that. Cause I think of the movie.

From: Nmktchick4/20/03 10:39 AM 
To: afun  (4 of 16) 
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It sounds like everyone had a fun time. I especially like how they are having a low key, just driving around honeymoon. That sounds like something I'd do.
Yes, I did indeed see Muriel's Wedding. I just recently saw it again at my neighbours for movie night. Its one of her favs. Me and my sisters all love Abba and even saw 'Mama Mia' in Toronto. Its excellent if you have the chance to see it.

From: afun5/21/03 11:37 AM 
To: Nmktchick  (5 of 16) 
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I always want to go to Ozland when I see that movie. just love it!

From: Nmktchick5/25/03 10:39 AM 
To: afun  (6 of 16) 
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Oh honey, if you ever have the chance to go do it. It was sooooooooo nice. It probably helped that I had lots of family down there as my brother in law and his whole family live there. It was a lot cheaper cause we did a lot of house hopping. You'd like this cause I found that Sydney reminded me a lot of Toronto and it wasn't until I saw an Emu in someone's backyard and the really cool paperbark trees that it finally sunk in that I was in Australia.

From: afun5/26/03 6:26 PM 
To: Nmktchick  (7 of 16) 
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Okay what about all those fine assed men running around. I hear they just breedem' beautiful down there! Isn't that true. A cutie at every corner???? But I bet they are all vain? Tell me is it true?? Rough and ready alfa males huh???

From: Nmktchick6/2/03 4:25 PM 
To: afun  (8 of 16) 
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Yes indeed, there are some nice men down there. They're all very beachy types and active for the most part. They are also very 'alpha' as you aptly stated. I hated my aussie bro-in-law for the longest time until I got through that crust of his. They can be like walking hard-ons a bit but what man can't.

From: afun6/3/03 7:32 PM 
To: Nmktchick  (9 of 16) 
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Okay don't tell me he came on to you too! The little sis I am assuming???? That would be very nasttttyyyyyyyyy!!!! But you like him now. No cuties around him either???

From: Nmktchick6/5/03 6:10 PM 
To: afun  (10 of 16) 
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No no no. Nothing like that. He was just very abrasive and cocky and rubbed me the wrong way. No, he was always a perfect gentleman in that respect otherwise I would've sliced his you know whats off. Both my sisters are married to good and loyal men and no, there are no single guys around them either. At least none that I'm interested in.

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