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Welcome, I've created a forum for Relic Hunter fans to talk about our common addiction. Keep it pg okay? This is a family forum. So other then that have a great time!

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Still Kicking

Blasting from the pasting here.

I hadn't been back to Delphi in a while, but someone was kind enough to shoot a post at my name - and as it worked out, I still have the email connected to my Delphi account.

Like everyone else, my life has changed over the past 15 years or so; but I've still remained friends with a surprising number of souls I encountered here on Delphi. So it was a wicked little treat to come back and play with my new/old forum(s).

We have a few folks scrubbing out mini-fanfics here, for those who still appreciate what it means to craft - and read - a story enriched by familiar characters. And you're invited to chatter with like-minded folks who just might be holding onto more adventure than you can imagine.