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New home forum for our beloved Rooms of Memory (RoM) previously hosted at BFG Now at Playme8

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  •   Please read Re email optionAnnouncement

    The Delphi forums comes with a setting to allow users to send an email Through the Delphi servers to other members. Currently the default is set to On/Yes. Turning this option off prevents any one from sending emails to you. This does Not affect the PM ability on the Delphi forums. To prevent others being able to send you emails of any sort please follow these directions. Step one: Click the little circle/Profile icon at the top right of your page Step two: Click "My Preferences" Step three: scroll down to "member to member email" Step four: UNcheck the "yes" box Step five: click "update" for this option to save your preference. And you are done :) Once this has been completed it takes a few moment for the system to update and the "send email" option in your profile is no longer available.