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From: ahe489q24/11/16 19:26 
To: All  (1 of 67) 

My grandfather was telling about this guy who was driving along and hit an old man

and he went sailing through the the air and landed dead on this guy's back yard.

My grandfather said:"Why did they have to throw this trash on his back yard?"

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From: Bernard (Hipocampous)4/9/17 10:43 
To: ahe489q  (2 of 67) 
 1686.2 in reply to 1686.1 

Of whom was your grandfather talking about?



From: ahe489q4/9/17 11:35 
To: Bernard (Hipocampous)  (3 of 67) 
 1686.3 in reply to 1686.2 

Nobody knew who he was. 


From: Bernard (Hipocampous)4/9/17 11:49 
To: ahe489q  (4 of 67) 
 1686.4 in reply to 1686.3 

It must have been et Roger Waters, now let him eat VINYL!!



From: ahe489q4/9/17 11:55 
To: Bernard (Hipocampous)  (5 of 67) 
 1686.5 in reply to 1686.4 

Eating vinyl can make your stomach hurt.  What's a Roger Waters? 


From: Bernard (Hipocampous)4/9/17 12:08 
To: ahe489q  (6 of 67) 
 1686.6 in reply to 1686.5 

Leftard Roger Waters, the Pink Floyd lead in a rock band from the 90s, thinks like a Mouslimes thugs and that Israeli should pay Jizya...

Ottoman Turkish is a per capita yearly tax historically levied by Islamic states on certain non-Muslim subjects -- dhimmis- permanently residing in Muslim lands under Islamic law. ...

The Quran and hadiths mention jizya without specifying its rate or amount.




From: ahe489q4/9/17 13:26 
To: Bernard (Hipocampous)  (7 of 67) 
 1686.7 in reply to 1686.6 

In England they are letting the Muslims take over everything. The Turks are flunked up too.

The Quran came from the holy bible.  It is a great sin to decimate the holy bible like that.


From: Bernard (Hipocampous)4/9/17 13:32 
To: ahe489q  (8 of 67) 
 1686.8 in reply to 1686.7 

Leftard Roger Waters, is among the British morons, he can't see what is going around his own country?

Pink Floyd fans are shocked...

Fans of Roger Waters were surprised and some were upset with his anti Trump messages during his concert at the Toyota Center ....




From: ahe489q4/9/17 13:53 
To: Bernard (Hipocampous)  (9 of 67) 
 1686.9 in reply to 1686.8 

Old pink patties Floyd?  He is blind to the plain truth. 


From: Sand_Grain8/9/17 14:47 
To: ahe489q  (10 of 67) 
 1686.10 in reply to 1686.1 

My grandfather said:"Why did they have to throw this trash on his back yard?"

Who was it then?  Pierre Elliott Trudeau? I got this on my wall to remind everyone who was the worst!



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