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From: GonghisKhan9-Aug 18:04 
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There are also lessons that contemporary city dwellers can learn from the ancient metropolises of the global south. Put simply, these ancient settlements are a proof of concept, demonstrating that people can live sustainably for thousands of years in fragile environments. In the tropics, our ancestors did it by living in low-density communities, with local farms feeding neighbourhoods and families. Instead of widespread slash-and-burn agriculture, there was a patchwork of cleared areas at the edges of forests.

These are the relatively recent remains of an ancient temple in the tropical forest of Cambodia.

Paleolithic pastimes —

Evidence that ancient farms had very different origins than previously thought.

Dramatic new hypothesis could change the way we understand human history.

Annalee Newitz - 8/3/2017, 6:30 PM

It's an idea that could transform our understanding of how humans went from small bands of hunter-gatherers to farmers and urbanites. Until recently, anthropologists believed cities and farms emerged about 9,000 years ago in the Mediterranean and Middle East. But now a team of interdisciplinary researchers has gathered evidence showing how civilization as we know it may have emerged at the equator, in tropical forests. Not only that, but people began altering their environments for food and shelter about 30,000 years earlier than we thought.

For centuries, archaeologists believed that ancient people couldn't live in tropical jungles. The environment was simply too harsh and challenging, they thought. As a result, scientists simply didn't look for clues of ancient civilizations in the tropics. Instead, they turned their attention to the Middle East, where we have ample evidence that hunter-gatherers settled down in farming villages 9,000 years ago during a period dubbed the "Neolithic revolution." Eventually, these farmers' offspring built the ziggurats of Mesopotamia and the great pyramids of Egypt. It seemed certain that city life came from these places and spread from there around the world.





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From: GonghisKhan9-Aug 18:06 
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I found this report in my mail-box, it was sent to me by Sand-Grain, (historical curiosity aficionado) absolutely interesting!

''Do these discoveries mean that everything we knew about urban development in the Middle East is wrong?''


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From: DimeTrious10-Aug 9:53 
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It all started about 45,000 years ago. At that point, people began burning down vegetation to make room for plant resources and homes. Over the next 35,000 years, the simple practice of burning back forest evolved. People mixed specialized soils for growing plants; they drained swamps for agriculture; they domesticated animals like chickens; and they farmed yam, taro, sweet potato, chili pepper, black pepper, mango, and bananas.


 Very often we find out that we are much older than archived in the past and this is just a few of many hypothesises.



From: fabul0us10-Aug 22:26 
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There goes the old creationist's 'Adam and Eve' story, dated 2000 years ago, and all the lies the first and second testament tells!




From: ahe489q10-Aug 23:43 
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From: Samurai (BushMesh)11-Aug 16:23 
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The ancient settlements of the tropics are also a reminder that Homo sapiens is an incredibly adaptive, flexible species, said Roberts. That's why we can "occupy every environment on the planet, through periods of dramatic climate change, and became the last remaining hominin." In other words, our ingenious, sustainable farms and cities may have been what saved us from the fate of the Neanderthals.


Rest assured that the southern bible thumbers and the Middle Eastern preachers won't like these historical facts, since it reveals that people having survived in jungles had a lot of capability and essential means to create a peaceful and harmonious living!






From: History Repeated (Bushschizo)11-Aug 18:28 
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A long time ago Buddha's observation was that those who know 'His Teachings,' but do not practice it (Dharma), are akin to cow ushers that count other people's cows.

Dharma root is "dhri", which means ‘to support, hold, or bear’. It is the thing that regulates the course of change by not participating in change, but that principle which remains constant...




From: History Repeated (Bushschizo)11-Aug 18:33 
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Yes, more than two decades ago, dozens of wildlife farms have sprung up for profit in Vietnam. WCS investigators and Vietnamese certified investigators who visited 78 farms undercover found that half had taken original breeding stock from wild populations, and 42% were still doing it to this day!!!




From: ahe489q11-Aug 18:53 
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...  What did we fight that war over?


From: History Repeated (Bushschizo)11-Aug 19:15 
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To give the Vietnamese a taste of democracy!?

Just as Bush said; giving Afghanistani and Iraqi some democracy...


Bush was threatened frequently — but no arrests

But the story of this arrest got me to thinking: Why was no one ever arrested for threatening President Bush at protests, when they displayed signs in public that called for his death?



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