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From: Bolomco6/11/17 10:17 
To: All  (1 of 27) 

Why should anyone believe in your lies; God?

You have given nothing but words and swords!

After the shooting here and after, some truth coiled,

when the question was asked about his whereabouts?

The fellow up there in the sky laughed and turned his back!



(spontaneous poem, continue)

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From: B0BBI36/11/17 16:53 
To: Bolomco  (2 of 27) 
 1865.2 in reply to 1865.1 

So where was 'God' at this dangerous time of moment?

Maybe watching Football and eating manmade popcorn?

Giving an Athlete and a certain team the chance to win big,

Having the team's coach mentioning his name in a comment?



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From: Obezlix7/11/17 8:26 
To: All  (3 of 27) 
 1865.3 in reply to 1865.1 

God was too busy making money,

screwing with everyone's mind,

as the preacher may eat your honey!





From: Whatzup? (Bushenron)7/11/17 17:07 
To: Bolomco  (4 of 27) 
 1865.4 in reply to 1865.1 

The old scripture says 'God is everywhere like a Bogeyman,'

Witchhunts exposed the old lies, he has never been found!




From: History Repeated (Bushschizo)7/11/17 21:36 
To: Bolomco  (5 of 27) 
 1865.5 in reply to 1865.1 

The worshippers all died, right there in Church,

All singing and praying for this invincible entity

but praising words were too odd; so evil jolted in!




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From: Sand_Grain7/11/17 23:18 
To: History Repeated (Bushschizo)  (6 of 27) 
 1865.6 in reply to 1865.5 

God was a figment of an ancient tribal imagination,

Everytime he was called upon without cessation.

An endless war appeared with endless fixation! 



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From: Cap_Crunch8/11/17 8:52 
To: Sand_Grain  (7 of 27) 
 1865.7 in reply to 1865.6 

angelA Shout to God!

"God please, help me there's a madman with a gun"

 -I heard the old woman bawl for help and lament.

God please, I'm too young to die," -a child moaned in pain,

"I have no Angels left to send down" -God shouted back.



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From: NewsFrea18/11/17 15:17 
To: All  (8 of 27) 
 1865.8 in reply to 1865.1 

Isn't it wonderful to die under Church's blessing?

And be so close to God's home and his creation,

Anyone wonder for how long the ellipsis may form?

Will people still follow anything as farcical?



From: Ø¿æÜ (Wunderlost)8/11/17 20:55 
To: All  (9 of 27) 
 1865.9 in reply to 1865.1 

God hates Baptists and its insanity.

God loves guns and war factories.

God loves chaos and anarchists. 






From: Weasel (poptardo)9/11/17 9:07 
To: All  (10 of 27) 
 1865.10 in reply to 1865.1 

Don't be so cruel on people that lost loved ones,

They discern sole on holding the chorus of guns



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