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From: Sand_Grain1/12/17 20:58 
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Bravo! Cool decoration!!! I'm an Atheist (Kafeer) and I find Melania's Christmas decoration particularly breath-taking. It's really puzzling why the Media attack Christmas more than being critical about mouslemoun terrorists? Why on earth?

Fox News, Colbert, and the Christmas 'war' on Melania Trump

It seems that this year’s Christmas decorations as overseen by Melania Trump for the White House got a snippy little review in the online version of Vanity Fair. What, you say you don’t scour the internet for Vanity Fair’s decor criticism? Fox News to the rescue! Specifically, Laura Ingraham, who made this the lead story on her Tuesday night show.

The news givers over at Fox News prioritize the most important events of the day in a unique way. While the rest of the media leads off broadcasts with reports on the Republican tax reform legislation, shows like Hannity and The Ingraham Angle tackle the really important stuff, such as what Fox perceives as (to quote Sean Hannity on Thursday) “the far-left, hate-Trump media attack[ing] the first lady.”

Fox News, Colbert, and the Christmas 'war' on Melania Trump

Ken Tucker Critic-at-Large, Yahoo Entertainment Yahoo TV December 1, 2017




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From: Graziellen2/12/17 10:05 
To: Sand_Grain  (2 of 29) 
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Didn't you hear yet?

Anything Melania does will be criticised and trashed, Liberal party has nothing else to do but trash anything nice.




From: Cyianda2/12/17 23:57 
To: Sand_Grain  (3 of 29) 
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You are referring to the FIRST "HOAR" in the white house with nude lesbian porn on the internet as "classy Christmas?? All racist hoolyday" This tramp wouldn't know class if it bit her in her diseased hind quarters! Besides, shouldn't THIS be the CHUMP Christmas Card?

(Photographer Alé de Basse­ville later told The Post that he misspoke, and the photo session actually took place in 1996 in Manhattan, and appeared in a 1997 issue of the magazine.)

The lesbian-themed pics are from a two-day photo shoot in Manhattan in 1995, when Melania Knauss, as she was called, was 25 years old and modeling under the name “Melania K.”

Several were featured in Max Magazine, a now-defunct French men’s monthly, more than 20 years ago. Others have never been in print — until now.

The raciest of the photos shows Melania lying nude in a bed as Scandinavian model Emma Eriksson, also naked, embraces her from behind, just below her breasts, which are fully exposed.




From: Sylveria3/12/17 13:10 
To: Sand_Grain  (4 of 29) 
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Outstanding decoration! I have seen the video, it's stunning!

Ingraham: A first lady double standard?

Fox News Published on 28 Nov 2017

The only acceptable woman in the media landscape is a liberal one and if you are not, you're just too dumb to know the difference.



From: Sylveria3/12/17 13:18 
To: Cyianda  (5 of 29) 
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You are so insufficient; you think their job is too keeping everything running on delphiforums and everybody down. Someday it's going too bite you where it's going too impair you strongly.


From: Sylveria3/12/17 13:21 
To: Graziellen unread  (6 of 29) 
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vIt's a low self-esteem the Liberal have!



From: funiki5/12/17 15:47 
To: Sand_Grain  (7 of 29) 
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As always the ANTIFA herd -crowding all over a beautiful decoration, they are desperately pathetic... if you have noticed the First Lady Melania Trump has left her son out, so that they would not attack him again, as they have done last year at the inauguration!






From: RGoss995/12/17 19:12 
To: Sand_Grain  (8 of 29) 
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Rather confusing post. Why not simply show us the decorations and then quote what was said about them? That way your readers can decide for themselves what they think about them. It is sad that members of first families, get unjustly picked on, but remember they volunteered for the job. There is no rule that says they have to keep a public image to support their family member in office. What do you know about Maggie Thatcher´s spouce, or May´s, or Puten´s, or Merkels. Most civilized countries pay little atttenion to first spouces. The fact that Trump flaunt´s his, is his choice, and hers to let him. as they say, if you can´t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Ironicly, I think the first lady probably paid an expensive decorator at our expense to do up the white house. 


From: Quasuo6/12/17 0:56 
To: RGoss99  (9 of 29) 
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The link on Entertainment Yahoo-TV December 1, 2017, has several pictures and video as well about the decoration, music and ballet show.


I'm not a Christian, but I find it EXTREMELY COOL!!!!






From: RGoss996/12/17 4:51 
To: Quasuo  (10 of 29) 
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What is so cool about killing trees to decorate the White House. Trump´s insecurity is the need of not just one tree like normal people, but lots of phalic symbols, which is the pagan significance of the tree in the first place.

E.G. small hands, small ....

Considering that Mrs T is not a real peerson, but an illegal alien who if she had come when Trump was president she would have been deported for working with out a workpermit.

She is simply a trained manniken she has no education, and seems to model herself on one of those 007 women.

Of course the soft press is attacking the decorations even though they know that someone was paid a lot of money to decorate, with no particular reference to her abilities.

Because Trump is using her to promote himself, by allowing it, she opens herself up to this criticism, which she would have gotten if she had simply followed a Norman Rockwell decor scheme.

the combination of dead trees, and the American flag, is simply marketing both Trump and materialism, nothing to do with Christmas


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