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Trudeau censor your social media   Dare you - Canada

Started 3/11/19 by Dot_hoe; 803 views.

From: Dot_hoe


The Trudeau government wants to censor your social media

Global News is reporting today that the Trudeau government is considering forcing social media to remove “extremist” content. Ralph Goodale, the Public Safety Minister, has declared his intentions to purge your Twitter and Facebook feeds of content the government deems problematic or toxic.

“This has been a subject of discussion among ministers at the Five Eyes meetings and at the G7 meetings where ample discussion has been held on how we encourage the social media platforms to move quickly and efficiently to deal with toxic communications like this that incite violence and hatred and obviously do great damage to social cohesion,” Goodale said.

Of course the problem with this statement is that one politician’s idea of “toxic communication” may go beyond ISIS recruitment videos and vile Nazi propaganda. What authoritarian politicians and ideologues deem “toxic” is often just an average person’s cultural content.

After the horrific New Zealand terror attack on two mosques in Christchurch, media, activists and politicians acted in unison to blame cultural figures who had absolutely nothing to do with the massacre. A New Zealand bookstore even went so far as to ban Jordan Peterson’s self-help book. No one was spared from the misguided accusations. Not even Chelsea Clinton. And while all of this social panic is going on, journalists at major outlets are helping to spread it, (that is, when they’re not too busy writing pointless takedowns of their fellow journalists for being mean ten years ago). Seriously. What the hell are we doing? Where are our priorities?

Opinion Barrett Wilson, 7 months ago 4 min

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From: Dot_hoe


Trudeau will censor your social media if reelected

The Trudeau Liberals plan to regulate and censor your social media if reelected, according to a new report from Blacklock’s Reporter.


From: Seaguil


Always remember, Trudeau is the son of a different kind of Canadian fabric!


From: Bolomco


The son of a dictator, never falls off too far from the cannons' powerballs!


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From: Dot_hoe


This now became a poem

Hold not back, I love the token!

 Dot Hoe

That is what LEFTIOTS  do, their goal is censoring everything so people remain uninformed and naive!!! 


From: Guard101


Removing extreme content in what favor and for whose side of the political fence???

The beauty of leftiocism and communism at work!!


From: Dot_hoe


This is why people call them Leftiots!

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From: Seaguil


Great elegant and aculeate rhymes,

I can't say you haven't given your time!


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