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Marxism in America Commie China Threat    Humanist listings

Started 15-Feb by RozaLux; 204 views.

From: RozaLux


On Marxism in America, the Communist China Threat, Unconventional Warfare & Hong Kong -- Joshua Philipp

American Thought Leaders - The Epoch Times
    Premiered on 2 Aug 2019

How does communist ideology manifest in the current political landscape? How did Marx and his followers endeavor to rewrite history?

What are some major misconceptions people have about socialism and communism, and the end results of these ideologies?

What are the origins of Antifa? And what is the purpose of the violence they frequently engage in?

And where does political correctness originally come from?

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From: RozaLux



The Government of China became a threat to everyone!


From: polinious


China is in panic right now and getting every country into the same state! 


From: Gigglesch


The Government of China became a threat to everyone!

China is using coronavirus to boost its dystopian social credit system

Mess up your travel history? You’ll be publicly shamed for a year

It was a neighbour who turned Mr Yang in. The flat compound’s management were told he had been to Wuhan and that he had not reported it. They ordered him to self-quarantine for 14 days. He had no symptoms typical of the coronavirus, Covid-19, and was worried his machinery component business would suffer if he self-quarantined. “Big data would have gotten him anyway,” one of his family members says; the Transport Bureau called about his trip two days after he and his family began their 14-day flat confinement. In Hangzhou, it involves blacklists. Authorities there have published nine people’s names and part of their ID numbers for fudging their travel history. Their information will stay public for one year on the Credit Hangzhou website, where anyone can search and view their details.

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From: DimeTrious


Just when we thought that they have improvement ethics and freedom laws!  confused