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Somewhere in Babylon, around 539 BC   Humanist listings

Started 5/5/20 by Gonghis (GonghisKhan); 6224 views.


After the Great Fire of Rome in A.D. 64, when rumours swirled that the emperor himself was responsible, Nero blamed the Christians instead. According to the Roman historian Tacitus, Nero had the Christians covered in wild beast skins and torn to death by dogs

Nero punishes the Christians, Scene from Quo Vadis (1951)

Uploaded Jul 8, 2011 anthony223
Nero blames the Christians, a new and despised sect, for the great fire of 64 that left Rome severely damaged and has them punished before an enthusiastic crowd.

Daniel in the Lion's Den (Clip)

Sep 24, 2014 Clif Cox
Somewhere in Babylon, around 539 BC.


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From where I stand; I'm not of the Christian or the Jewish faith, but it's mind boggling when every time someone brings up the Islamic criminal gauge, even if the post comes from an X-Muslim; as a few of my friends here in this forum, the Christians and the Jews get all the blame. I've read both Testaments; in conclusion I think the later dogma (aka Koran) is the worst, it has no forgiveness or mercy!

Originally I was born a Buddhist, and a deep thinker; I don't practice any religion but peaceful logic!

During the day there are too many wild distractions. People meet their inner consciousness to think while we sleep - as I do sometime when it's lat night fall!

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How Does Matter Give Rise To Consciousness?



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You don't have to be religious to appreciate Daniel.

It's a great motivational story of self-confidence and endurance. thumbsup

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It is also just a myth used as a teaching point by the established religion at that time and place. Also currently misused, when the message is that your faith will protect you, is used as an excuse to avoid proven medical procedres, and the current shut down because of the virus. As "evidence" the religious professionals can´t lose. If you break the law and assemble in church, but don´t get sick, that proves your faith, but if you do get sick, it is simply the punishment of a god created by man in his image, for your lack of faith in him. 


From: Sundawncer


HELL YEAH, cool myth - but... 

How about MOUHAMLLAH - the desert warmonger? Might it be a myth too? You alwayd make them look great, ught?

2020.05.06 (Nigeria)
A man and his pregnant wife are beaten to death in their home by Fulani terrorists.

Suspected herdsmen have allegedly attacked and killed a couple at Tarkende Village, near Umenger in the Guma Local Government Area of Benue State. According to eyewitness accounts, the herdsmen had invaded the village around 1.30 am on Wednesday and started shooting indiscriminately, killing the couple in the process.

2020.05.03 (Afghanistan)
A Fedayeen suicide bomber plows into a local military base, killing eleven. 

Similarly, the reports do not include Taliban claims for their attacks on the government unless they can be verified. Both sides routinely inflate casualty totals for their opponents.

[Read the Afghan War Casualty Report from previous weeks.]


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These attacks never seem to end!


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Why you always bring forward hateful matters and juice crap!!!!!!

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Gonghis (GonghisKhan)

From: Gonghis (GonghisKhan)



There are a couple of extremely hateful posters here in this forum and you are one of them!

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Hungry wolves are howlin', rabid dogs run free
The sky is full of vultures
The sharks have left the sea
Thieves and murderers roam the street.