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Portland Police Video: ANTIFA Rioters   Dare You - Politics

Started 7-Jun by Ella (Steellar); 925 views.
Ella (Steellar)

From: Ella (Steellar)


Portland Police Video: ANTIFA Rioters launch projectile weapons.

Portland Police released video showing rioters using lasers to blind them before launching bottles, rocks and other weapons. This was recorded overnight on 5–6 June, 2020 outside the Justice Center, which houses the central police precinct and the sheriff's office. Antifa and others have tried for a week to break into the facility after having success on the first day of the rioting. They set a room on fire with occupants still inside the building. Left-wing activists are accusing the police of using excessive force in clearing out rioters.

Andy Ngo - Jun 6, 2020


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Ella (Steellar)

From: Ella (Steellar)


Ngo: Antifa's Terrorism Is Something We're Unprepared For

Andy NGO Jun 5, 2020
On 5 June, 2020, Andy Ngo was interviewed on the Larry O'Connor Show about antifa's role in the violent rioting across the United States.

Samurai (BushMesh)

From: Samurai (BushMesh)


It is well world wide known!!

ANTIFA THUGS want to turn the world into communism!

Next to with social democracy, communism became the dominant political affinity within the international socialist movement by the 1920s

Communism typically socialism since the 1840s.

Maoism is the conjecture derived from the teachings of the Chinese political leader Mao Zedong. … expanded from the 1950s until the Deng Xiaoping reforms in the 1970s, it was widely applied as the guiding political and military ideology of the Communist Party of China and as theory guiding revolutionary movements around the world.


From: funiki


scream These very moronic Antifa mobster are even after Andy Ngo?

Everytime I see how low these Leftiots go attacking everyone they aren't able to discuss with, I'm secure that they have a psychopathic problem! smile_cat


From: RGoss99


How does one identify one as "antifa"? Note that the "fa" part of "antifa" means "fascist", there for someone anti antifa must be pro fascist. World War II was fought to save us from the fasciest governments of Germany and Italy. It seems to me that the fasciest terrorism is comming from the police and their spporters.


From: Mel_DJ


Andy Ngo details Seattle 'autonomous zone' set up by antifa/BLM protesters

Andy Ngo 11 Jun 2020

On 11 June, 2020, Andy Ngo went on Fox News to describe what's happening in the Seattle "Autonomous Zone" claimed by far-left protesters and rioters, including antifa.


From: Quasuo


On the streets next to a police station in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, protesters and officers spent a week locked in a nightly cycle of standoffs, at times ending with clouds of tear gas.
But facing a growing backlash over its dispersal tactics in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, the Seattle Police Department this week offered a concession: Officers would abandon their building, board up the windows and let the protesters have free rein outside.
Free Food, Free Speech and Free of Police: Inside Seattle's 'Autonomous Zone'
The New York Times
Mike Baker June 12, 2020
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From: Harold27Z


its sickenizing to see brainwashed white trash bowing down in memory of a hardened criminal whose claim to fame was pointing a gun at a pregnant lady's unborn child.

Ella (Steellar)

From: Ella (Steellar)


I know what ANTIFA means! Thank you!

Journalist Andy Ngo himself was assaulted by this heinous group while covering their altercation and suffered a brain injury.