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Anarchism in Barcelona   History and Archaeology

Started 10-Jul by B0BBI3; 98 views.

From: B0BBI3


Anarchism in Barcelona: The Spanish Civil War (Part 1/2)

In our first attempt at a documentary, we travel to Barcelona to explore an overlooked part of the city's history - back to the Spanish Civil War, when Barcelona was briefly run by anarchists.

vagabrothers 20 Jan 2014

Anarchism in Barcelona: The Bank and the Bike Shop (Part 2/2)

Anarchism in Spain has historically gained much support and influence, especially before Francisco Franco's victory in the Spanish Civil War of 1936–1939, when it played an active political role and is considered the end of the golden age of classical anarchism


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From: B0BBI3


As in France and Italy, the movement in Spain during the 1880s and ’90s was inclined toward insurrection (in Andalusia) and terrorism (in Catalonia).

It retained its strength in working-class organizations because the courageous and even ruthless anarchist militants were often the only leaders who would stand up to the army and to the employers, who hired squads of gunmen to engage in guerrilla warfare with the anarchists in the streets of Barcelona.


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Samurai (BushMesh)

From: Samurai (BushMesh)


Here is a more recent one

Spain: Protesters target banks in response to anarchist arrests in Barcelona

Ruptly 29 Oct 2015

Hundreds of protesters demonstrated in the Gracia district of Barcelona, Wednesday, in response to an ongoing police operations against anarchists in the Catalan capital. The demonstration was organised after police reportedly carried out searches and arrests against known anarchists earlier in the day.

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From: TAB00GA


If we realise that this could happen any time -- we would soon run and become refugees too, but where should we all go off?

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Everyone understand something different about ANARCHY!

Anarchy in German grinning

Die Anarchie. Die Zügellosigkeit   

license, dissoluteness, incontinence, unrestraint, promiscuity

Kann Anarchie funktionieren?

31 Jan 2018 MrWissen2go
Anarchismus bedeutet Chaos, so hört man es immer wieder. Aber stimmt das überhaupt? Und was bedeutet "Anarchie" eigentlich genau? Darum geht es in diesem Video - und darum, ob ein anarchisches Gesellschaftssystem funktionieren könnte.