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Dozen of Police cars torched   Social issues

Started 23-Jul by AuntBetsie; 737 views.

From: AuntBetsie


The origin of the blaze on the police cars could not be resolved by the firefighters.

Montreal police say a dozen of their cars were torched

A dozen Montreal police cars were the target of an arsonist overnight Saturday in the Plateau–Mont-Royal area. The origin of the blaze on the police cars could not be resolved by the firefighters. No one was injured, but the damage was considerable. A call was made to 911 shortly after midnight to alert firefighters of the situation in a Montreal police station parking lot located on rue d’Iberville, near boulevard Saint-Joseph.

“Seven vehicles are a total loss and three vehicles have minor damage,” said Montreal police spokesperson Caroline Chèvrefils. The cause of the fire could not be determined by the firefighters.The investigation was handed over to the arson section of the police force. The scene was protected in order to facilitate the work of the investigators on Sunday morning.

By Staff The Canadian Press
Posted July 19, 2020 1:05 pm


From: funiki


These commies need to end up jailed!!!


From: TAB00GA


Surely everyone knows who did that!?

Ella (Steellar)

From: Ella (Steellar)


Montréal: Archive footage of May 30th 2020 violent racial riots and looting

July 7, 2020

The 4K Guy - Fire & Police
A look back at the evening of May 30th 2020 when a protest degenerated in Montreal, Canada where dozens of unruly youths broke the city, looted stores and vandalized public property. This is a compilation taken from never before seen archive footage from that day which remains one of the worst racially motivated riots in the city of Montréal. These events that spread internationally followed the shooting death of George Floyd by the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on May 25th 2020.  


From: DimeTrious


With the masks on these thugs no one can tell who they are, already!

In reply toRe: msg 1

From: DimeTrious


Steves Music Looted Twice, Guy Arrested by Bike Cops! (Montreal Protest Riots Livestream Highlight)

1 Jun 2020

eBike Photographer

Montreal May 31 Downtown. 

Protests turn to scattered vandalism and looting. This Steves Music Store had been hit earlier and was sitting ignored when I arrived.   The now second wave of looters, only 2-3 guys, jumped in and grabbed some guitars and headphones. Half a minute later the bicycle police rolled by doing nothing. It seemed a few citizens were now standing around to discourage looters which worked for a short time but soon two more small groups slipped inside and grabbed more guitars.  Most ran away just before the bike cops returned except one guy who was casually walking around with a guitar, not sure if he was even inside or if someone dropped it, he got apprehended. 

No faces visible in this video to respect the privacy of all parties.


From: Harold27Z


The video quality was so lousy there was no danger of identifying innocent or even scums deserving the cat-o-9-tails.


From: DimeTrious


Ever thug's house should be searched to see if they have new musical instruments; drums, violins, or guitars that they aren't even able to play because they have no musical skills!!


From: Harold27Z


My son has 4 electric and 3 acoustic guitars because apparently there are sound differences. 

He can trouble-shoot for tuning bugs on guitars, electric pedals, processors, amps, speakers etc.

My son refuses to let me join his one man band because it does not need a triangle or maraccas player.

On principle or lack thereof, he refuses bribes to practice my favourite civilized music eg the guitar solo commencing at timeline 1 minute 53 seconds:

He can do Duelling banjo,  The good, the bad and the ugly and Hawaii 5-0.

To encourage him and to tease him, I pretend he is a busker and throw him a few low value coins.

We know a guy whose rare expensive guitar was stolen.  There are only 3 within 300 km.  My wife suggested he monitor local classified adverts. 

Sure enough, the thief advertized it at a fraction of the value.  Our friend posed as a buyer and arrived with additional persuasive muscle and took back his own guitar.


From: Tittah


scream What has Montreal shops anything to do with BLM out of the USA and George Floyd?