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Nigeria Islamist Militants: Aid Workers Executed    African Devastation

Started 24-Jul by Berylline; 141 views.

From: Berylline


The five aid workers first disappeared last month and were believed to have been kidnapped in the town of Monguno, where they were traveling from Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State. Both aid groups confirmed they had workers who were killed by the militants. The International Rescue Committee released a statement on Wednesday reiterating that aid workers should never be targeted.

Four aid workers executed by Islamist militants in Nigeria.

A group of aid workers from two international organizations and a private security guard has been killed by terrorists in northeast Nigeria. The International Rescue Committee and Action Against Hunger both suffered losses, and the killings were believed to have been carried out by the Islamic State West Africa Province, a group that has pledged fealty to the Islamic State. The militants released a video this week seen by the Washington Examiner that showed the five men with red blindfolds kneeling in front of five terrorists wearing balaclavas and dressed in military-style garb. In the video, one of the militants gives a speech before the group executes the men with rifles.

by Zachary Halaschak, Breaking News Reporter
 | July 24, 2020 12:41 PM



From: Harold27Z


DISCLAIMER:  Attention liberals:  Click away NOW to avoid punishing yourselves with non-PC reality.

I have NO sympathy with those stupid aid workers helping oil rich Nigeria.

They should rather focus upon uplifting THEIR OWN nations and forget about helping lazy unappreciative Third World components.   The world must not subsidize the creation of millions of additional poor mouths to feed.  

Third World componency is a function of IQ deficiency.

Mother nature suffers from their desertification perception of farming.

Prevention is better than cure.  If we want whats best for Third World components (and I don't) then rather parachute in consignments of condoms.  Mother nature should run its sustainability course.

Instead of liberals resorting to buzzword labels to insult me, let them use whatever logical arguments they can articulate.


From: Petulance


Foreign countries don't trust workers from the west anymore!


From: DimeTrious


Constant chaos

Once the founding fathers of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), today they are slowing down regional integration.

Nigerians suffer from a kind of schizophrenia when it comes to ECOWAS.

Even though they stand to benefit the most from this common market, they barricade themselves behind their borders over the slightest thing.

Although Nigeria has a highly dynamic business community that dreams of expanding farther afield in the sub-region, the country is afraid of competing with its neighbours, who it sees as dishonest. The giant that is Nigeria acts as if it is West Africa’s watchdog, without actually taking on the responsibilities such a role entails.