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Armenia and Azerbaijan Return to War   Middle East conundrum

Started 22-Oct by Dot_hoe; 1618 views.
Boba (Boitchy)

From: Boba (Boitchy)


Oh my!! This is shocking!!

Not another endless war!??

Myra (MKratz)

From: Myra (MKratz)


The Caliphates are at it again?

The period 786-861, especially the caliphates of Harun (786-809) and al-Ma?mun (813-833), is accounted the height of ?Abbasid rule. The eastward orientation of the dynasty was demonstrated by al-Man?ur's removal of the capital to Baghdad in 762-763 and by the later caliphs' policy of marrying non-Arabs and recruiting Turks, Slavs, and other non-Arabs as palace guards.

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Sporadic fighting continued on Friday.

Azerbaijan’s defence ministry said military positions and settlements in the Aghdere, Khojavend and Gubadli regions had come under fire. The ethnic Armenian-controlled Nagorno-Karabakh defence ministry said it had thwarted Azeri offensives and that shelling of residential areas of towns in the enclave had resumed. It also said it had captured a fighter from Syria. Rights group Amnesty International and New York-based Human Rights Watch said they had independently confirmed the use of cluster munitions in an attack on Barda on Wednesday. Azerbaijan has said 21 people were killed.



From: Dot_hoe


Thank you so much for the update

Even if the surveillance might be too late

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From: Dot_hoe


  He was a tycoon, then a cheapskate
  Went out looking for a keepsake

 "Viceroys Row (Karriem Riggins Interlude)"

by Elvis Costello:

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From: Dot_hoe


A lot of elders in my family that moved from Armenia half a century ago; live in the U.S.A scattered from coast to coast - none of them are keen and like any of the Lefty democrats - which aren't democratic at all!

A lot of them side with Zitslamists warmongers

US talk/topics

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Republican voters are keeping a keen eye out for who is fighting for President Donald Trump as the election hangs in limbo. With irregularities in vote counting, razor-thin margins in ballots cast for Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden, and a host of questionable activities in the election process, the president and his campaign team have gone on the offensive. But many of his supporters are wanting to know where Republicans have been in the battle as the deafening silence from many GOP leaders cannot be ignored.

Honestly it is too sad to point out that Armenia is surrounded by numerous antagonists