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Saudi Arabia to host the G20 summit   Middle East conundrum

Started 21-Nov by AuntBetsie; 1343 views.

From: AuntBetsie


Like most rebranding efforts, Saudi Arabia’s is driven in large part by economic necessity.

Saudi Arabia reaps the wrong kind of PR as G20 host

Activists are drawing attention to Saudi Arabia’s human rights record as it prepares to host the G20 summit.

By Patricia Sabga 20 Nov 2020

A G20 gathering is usually a chance for the host nation to promote itself in the best possible light. But the leaders’ summit taking place this weekend is happening under the pall of a pandemic. Due to COVID-19, the summit will be held virtually, depriving its host, Saudi Arabia, of the opportunity to blanket screens around the world with orchestrated scenes of a forward-looking kingdom in the throes of an exciting transformation –  an image its de facto leader, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) has long sought to project.

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From: AuntBetsie


Human Rights Watch launched a social media campaign #G20SaudiArabia.

Amnesty International, meanwhile, is drawing attention to the kingdom’s hypocrisy on women’s rights.


From: Sylveria


Will the Saudis sit on high seats?

Convincing every woman to be nothing but baby breeders?


How can they face the public when women have absolutely no rights?

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Women activists, political prisoners ‘sexually assaulted, tortured and executed in Saudi Arabia’ jails

Maya Oppenheim 20 November 2020

Jailed women’s rights activists and political prisoners have been sexually assaulted, tortured and died in Saudi Arabian jails, a report has claimed. The study, shared exclusively with The Independent, alleges that 309 political prisoners have suffered human rights abuses since Mohammed bin Salman became crown prince of the kingdom in 2017.

Grant Liberty, the human rights charity which conducted the report, says people have faced death for crimes carried out when they were as young as nine. Researchers said 20 prisoners were arrested for political crimes they committed as children - with five of these inmates already put to death and an additional 13 currently facing the death penalty.

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Amnesty is calling for G20 leaders to demand Loujain, Nassima al-Sada, Samar Badawi, Nouf Abdulaziz and Maya’a al-Zahrani, who were arrested in 2018 for their human rights work, are “immediately and unconditionally released”.


From: BarthaS


These action will never change...

We know, it's ingrained in their religion!

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From: BarthaS


Loujain has been on hunger strike since 26 October in order to protest against the authorities’ refusal to give her regular contact with her relatives. Human rights organisations say Loujain has been forced to endure abuse including electric shocks, flogging and sexual harassment while in jail. Loujain, who successfully campaigned to win Saudi women the right to drive, was arrested alongside 10 other women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia in May 2018 – weeks before the country reversed the driving ban.