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Fear Social Media Censorship    Science and Tech

Started 28-Nov by The Larker (1LAKER); 190 views.
The Larker (1LAKER)

From: The Larker (1LAKER)


Conservatives Shouldn't Fear Social Media Censorship (Pt. 3) crocodile

| Nicole Arbour | COMEDY | Rubin Report

The RUBIN REPORT 27 Nov 2020

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Nicole Arbour (Comedian) about her leaving the left story, horrible woke fake celebrities, and why she doesn’t fear Big Tech social media censorship. Nicole explains why she isn’t very worried about Big Tech and their censorship of conservatives on social media platforms. She also tries to explain why Canada voted in a leader like Justin Trudeau. She also shares who she trusts in these times where it seems wiser to trust no one.

Interested in the current state of comedy? Wondering how a stand up comedian finds humor in this environment of extreme political correctness? Looking for a place where you can get inside the politically incorrect comic minds of people like Bob Saget, Steven Crowder, Nick Di Paolo, Margaret Cho and Roseanne Barr?

ADDLER (DitmarP)

From: ADDLER (DitmarP)


I have noticed the censorship effects a while ago, even here, check this page's logo; Sand-Grain has done, she can't even write or post a word in French or German - BOOM it's censored!


ADDLER (DitmarP)

From: ADDLER (DitmarP)


Trudeau's voice system talks in a fake robot ?

Good one!! 

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I hear you all, I lived it all! pouting_cat

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