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10,000 vaccinated people catch CONvid   Health and Science

Started 8/6/21 by SasBun; 36663 views.

From: SasBun


Despondently most of the people prepared to get the vaccine don't know that, and trust the government half-truths


From: SasBun


Many comparable situation as these have been noticed




Yes, very sad.  I have family members and friends that have taken it.  And just refuse to believe they made a horrible mistake.  So far, they are ok, but my research tells me they won't be.  It really depends on their health now as to how long they have left.

I fear for us also.  This vaccine is transmitting to those that aren't vaccinated.  They knew what they were doing when they made this evil death shot.

Michele (Conclave)

From: Michele (Conclave)


Dee (DLAINEDEE) said:

This vaccine is transmitting to those that aren't vaccinated. 

I don't understand this statement. Vaccines don't transmit. If they did, that would actually be great for boosting immunity. Unfortunately, it is impossible for a vaccine to transmit from one person to another, so it is dependent on people being aware of their responsibility to be a caring member of society and getting the vaccine to protect those who can't get it.

In the US, there are 39,893,580 reported cases of Covid 19 and variants (that have been able to mutate due to the number of unvaccinated hosts). Even if the "100,000" vaccinated number was true, that is only 2.5% of the number of reported cases. And of those, we're talking about people who have been tested because they have a sore throat or other symptom. Many of these, because of the vaccine, will be able to recover at home, rather than taking up bedspace or ventilators in the hospital.  The very, very few who actually get greviously ill or even die, most likely have severe comorbidities.

Sadly, even those that 'recover' may still find themselves suffering from side effects years down the line. We don't have decades of data (like we do on other diseases that vaccines have been used for so.many.years and yet no one has turned into a gibbon or zombie), but as time goes on, science is finding that many people, even those who are typically younger and healthier, don't fully recover. They are left with diminished senses of smell and/or taste (or none at all), difficulty breathing, and/or muscle weakness. These are side effects that they can suffer from for the rest of their life for all we know right now. Vaccinated sufferers might not suffer as much or as long, but unvaccinated sufferers are still feeling the effects, even after they are so-called recovered.

The sad thing about the alarmists and those who willfully spread misinformation is that people are dying because of this, even the people who have denied the whole thing until they actually got it, then they start crying that they wished they'd gotten the vaccine. What is equally galling is that so many "anti-vaxxers" and "anti-maskers" have gotten the vaccine and STILL encourage people not to get it and still downplay the deadly seriousness of the pandemic.  These same people consider their government too incompetent to handle health insurance or even laws in general, but feel that 1000s of people in the government can orchestrate this elaborate hoax and carry it out.  Pick a lane folks.

Weasel (poptardo)

From: Weasel (poptardo)


Too many LEFTIOTS will see it as bogus and going off their own daft credentials...


From: HerbSouth


Pop!!  goes the weasel!!


From: Guard101



The purpose of this report is to document how all over the world millions of people have died, and hundreds of millions of serious adverse events have occurred, after injections with the experimental mRNA gene therapy.

We also reveal the real risk of an unprecedented genocide.



From: Harold27Z


It makes my day when virtue signalling pro-jabbers get the hippy-hippy shakes.

I wish I could be nearby to interview them upon their self-inflicted injuries.  I would not pretend to have sympathy.

Weasel (poptardo)

From: Weasel (poptardo)


GREAT! thumbsup

More and more of these factual information have been seen, now we need ACTION!

Eliot (Elohimil)

From: Eliot (Elohimil)


Most of the sheep CANNOT read or comprehend long text or anything  close to reality let alone -   practical science!