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Mind Control & Medical Madness   Health and Science

Started 29-Jun by Dee (DLAINEDEE); 7907 views.
Michele (Conclave)

From: Michele (Conclave)


Kinda like how you keep yourself insulated in your own little echo chamber.


From: Harold27Z


Pro-jabbers ignore injuries caused by the MENTAL experiMENTAL jabs.

Never do they discuss jabbed people getting the hippy-hippy shakes.

The survival rate is 99.995% so where is the crisis ? 

Unjabbed people impaired have CO-MORBIDITIES eg old-age, weak lungs, diabetes, weak heart etc.

In SA, nobody died from flu in 2020.  All were relabeled to comply with the current hoax.  They were probably going to die anyway.

Pro-jabbers never question the commercial aspects of the Big-Pharma scoring billions while lockdowns cause businesses to close.

Pro-jabbers never discuss the INFORMED CONSENT aspect vis-a-vis the Nuremberg Code treaty.

One man's meat is another man's poison but pro-jabbers are silent and insist one size fits all.

Pro-jabbers can safely name me as a beneficiary if they die due to their jabs.

Pro-jabbers have no idea what "spike-protein" means.  In a nutshell, blood flows due to being composed of round "balloon" shaped particles.  But jabs change the shape to be spiky thus damaging artery walls and clogging up the blood-flow. This is not rocket-science. 

Pro-jabbers say only doctors should speak about it but they ignore the heavy duty CENSORSHIP of such doctors.

Pro-jabbers always insist upon proof within the narrow parameters of "approved ideology". 

I have a theory that the moon is far away.  Alas, I cannot prove it because my measuring-tape won't stretch beyond 5 metres.


From: BarthaS


You definitely have the wrong search engine - suit yourself to your own tiny world...

Michele (Conclave)

From: Michele (Conclave)


So you find me the link! You're the one who brought it up, so back it up, too. I tried, but failed to find any proof of being paid to take the shot.  You claim that it's happening.  So can you provide proof or is it just your imagination?


From: Pinck0


People want links to CNN and their lies!! grinning


From: HerbSouth


You are so right!


From: Pinck0


The DEMS want thier rightfully agenda to get to the podium, because CNN said so!!