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We need no vaccination   Dare You - US Politics

Started 3/8/21 by MochaSofa; 9021 views.

From: Bab6s



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From: Harold27Z


Mainstream media repulses me. It is an insult to my intelligence. 

I never watch it.  I could not identify an alleged celebrity in a police-line-up of 3 suspects.

The only national issue I found interesting was e-tolling on highways.  It was a total ####-up.

The SA National Roads Agency (SANRAL) kept changing rules around payments to make them more complex.

If you signed up for a disk on your car, you thereby waived your civil rights.  If a dispute arose, it was pay first then log a dispute afterwards.

One vehicle owner was charged about ZAR 430,000 for 100 days usage.  That would have entailed driving 200 km per hour on the ring road of Johannesburg 24 x 7 x 100 days.  It excluded stops for petrol and replacement tyres.

Just listen to radio host Whackhead Simpson trying to reason with an affirmative SANRAL agent.


From: Bab6s



and impossible to add up into any logic regular life!

START a new topic with this, this needs to be promoted!

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From: Harold27Z


We are scheduled for another routine black black BLACK-OUT soon.  I do not have time to identify the best of Darron Whackhead Simpson. He does all sorts of prank calls in all voice colours on all topics under the sun ranging from snakes in a shop to cheating boyfriends to politics etc. He knows how to stress people out far better than I could hope to emulate.

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From: Harold27Z


I have 411 Whackhead Simpson voice call pranks as .MP3s but he has hundreds more.

Using an Indian voice of "Mr Pillay" a bank manager, he rang a customer rejecting her home loan application because she and her boyfriend were shacked up, living in sin. Perhaps you can relate to it.

My favourite is where he impersonates a cop investigating media piracy.  Soon the suspect gets asked to make some private "off the record" illegal copies of some music concert for the cop.Sorry I don't recall it's correct title.

Another involves a "black official" rejecting the baby name Tristian on a birth cert due to reaching its quota.  He kindly offers some African names which are still available eg "Thabo" and "Philemon".

You may enjoy the candid camera clip below where a rookie traffic cop was set up for a bad hair day at a speed-trap spot.  The inspector was in on the act.  Speakers hidden in the bushes suggested someone speeded by. The rookie is unable to start the motorbike.  The inspector calls the rookie via the radio on the motorbike. The rookie answers then the inspector switches channels to the car radio. The rookie piggy in the middle does not know where to answer. Leon Schuster imitating an Indian suspect gets caught then the fun begins.  The rookie sees the inspector arrive and tells the suspect "he's gonna shiit himself".  Although its mostly in Afrikaans, you will appreciate the cruel humour.

Michele (Conclave)

From: Michele (Conclave)


Harold27Z said:

the cruel humour

About the only valid statement you made in that whole diatribe of racist, hateful statements. That you would listen to someone like that and then promote them as "pranks" or "humour" shows the color of your character. Your soul must be a puke, putrid green. You do nothing here but spout disproved conspiracy theories, call people racist names, and further racist "white supremacy" policies. You are a disgusting shell of a man. I'm surprised you haven't been dragged from your home and hung feet-first from the nearest tree to reflect on how you have tarnished yourself with your hateful speech.

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From: Harold27Z


Does anyone detect DOUBLE-STANDARDS ?

For comedy, Whackhead Simpson and Leon Schuster imitate other nations.  Somehow that is deemed racist.

By the SAME TOKEN, where is the vitriolic vile bile directed against Trevor Noah who impersonates every nation under the sun ? Where is the righteous MORAL INDIGNATION when Trevor does impersonations of other nations ?

If it wasn't for double-standards, liberals would have no standards at all.

Liberals never moan when the BBC perverts history.  What next ?  Affirmative Tarzan ?