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Poland's Coal Paradox   Science and Tech

Started 20-Sep by Sand_Grain; 1238 views.

From: Sand_Grain


A Czech study suggests that the Polish plan would put at risk water supplies for some 30,000 people. Local authorities are working to finalize a plan for a new water network but it's not clear that it can be built in time. 

The Czech Republic also took its case to the Luxembourg-based Court of Justice of the European Union, Europe's highest, and won judges' backing for a temporary order to Poland to stop Turow's operations until a final judgment in the case - which Warsaw has rejected.

Poland must pay 500,000 euros daily for ignoring EU court ruling on Turow

Mon, September 20, 2021, 9:16 AM
By Foo Yun Chee

BRUSSELS (Reuters) -Poland will have to pay a 500,000 euro ($585,550) daily penalty to the European Commission for defying an earlier court order to halt operations at its Turow open-pit lignite mine, Europe's top court said on Monday. The order, which a Polish deputy minister called "aggression," comes amid a dragging dispute between coal-reliant Poland and the Czech Republic. The Czech government says the mine is damaging communities along its side of the border, and it subsequently took its grievance to the European Commission which last year started legal proceedings against Poland, saying Warsaw had breached EU law when extending the mine's life.

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From: Sand_Grain


Poland's coal paradox

Dec 21, 2018 euronews

Host of the #Cop24 Poland heavily depends on coal and tops the list of Europ's most polluting and CO2 emitting countries. Insiders takes you on a journey from the Czech Republic to the heart of Silesia, Poland's realm of coal, to hear from those to whom coal is either a lifeline or a plague.

Polish coal mine sparks international dispute.

Dec 11, 2019

AP Archive

(6 Dec 2019) The Turow lignite coal mine in Poland is causing trouble for the environment and local communities - even in Germany and Czech Republic, whose border is just a short walk away. Plans to further expand the huge open pit mine have caused alarm among residents who fear things might get even worse.
With Poland set to remain heavily reliant on coal for energy, the state-controlled PGE utility is aiming to extend until 2044 its license to mine in Turow, due to expire in March.  The move has spawned a rare diplomatic dispute with the Czech government, a longtime ally. And it comes in the face of the United Nation's call to cut greenhouse gas emissions immediately and sharply. 

They are having the global warming on high alert again - if not; Greta Thunberg will have another tantrum!


From: MelanGEE


How can anyone trust the media reports after all the lies they usually spread these days?


From: AuntBetsie


Another Coal War?

Deadly 1921 coal miner revolt in West Virginia remembered|20 days ago
Fed up with poor wages, work and living conditions, thousands of coal miners a century ago marched in an effort to unionize in West Virginia, resulting in a deadly clash
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From: AuntBetsie


In 1920, southern West Virginia had the nation’s largest concentration of nonunion miners. Company towns were prevalent and oppressive. Miners lived in employer-built encampments and were paid in private company currency, called scrip.


From: HerbSouth


Your world under a grain of sand!!!!!

Weasel (poptardo)

From: Weasel (poptardo)


We all need the coal to get the TURBINE rolling! smiley joy


From: Harold27Z


She suffers from Spoiled Bitch Syndrome.

Yes. That "expert" somehow gets INVITED to speak at the UN or a crowd of Hollywood "Influencers".  She has a Rothschild handler who approves the prepared speeches.

Environmental pollution is mainly done by China and India.  Half of Chinese rivers are heavily polluted from dye where blue jeans are made.

I recall a mayor of a Chinese city refused $20.000 to swim in the river for 30 minutes.

Greta Thunberg  DARE not go to those places and ask "HOW DARE YOU" ?

She reckons the sky will fall in exactly 697 days unless we pay HIGHER TAXES NOW.

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Weasel (poptardo)

From: Weasel (poptardo)


So what happened to "though shall not steal from your neighbors " and all that ancient Moses quatsch?