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Remdevisir IS a bioweapon   Discussions

Started 13-Oct by EverLearner; 5886 views.

From: Berylline


We can literally say now that FAUCI is unlawfully evil and a murderer...

How Fauci fooled America

Here are the key issues that Fauci got wrong, they contend:

Natural immunity: "By pushing vaccine mandates, Dr. Fauci ignores naturally acquired immunity among the COVID-recovered, of which there are more than 45 million in the United States."

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From: drl0lip0p


Key words: Trial / jail point_left

Fauci and his Pharma Mafia gangs will do jail... sooner than anyone thinks!

Michele (Conclave)

From: Michele (Conclave)


But why? I still haven't read any proof of wrongdoing. I've read hyperbole, weak links, outright lies, hallucinations and some mental gymnastics that are a wonder to behold, but as yet, no substansive truth to anything that has been alleged on this forum. Next old Harold will be going on about lizard people, the Illuminati, and the Vatican all working with space aliens to subvert the truth and put the "single freckled people" in charge of mining for rock people in the core of the earth.


From: drl0lip0p


Why don't read the posted article on he top to get informed - 

Michele (Conclave)

From: Michele (Conclave)


"I've read hyperbole, weak links, outright lies, hallucinations and some mental gymnastics that are a wonder to behold, but as yet, no substansive truth to anything"

I believe I said that I have.


From: Tittah


Simplified facts, too many deadly medication may kill an entire community.  


From: HerbSouth


Hello Tittah!


From: drl0lip0p


The US Buries Its Head While the UK Turns to Early Treatment

The UK Has Admitted the COVID-19 Vaccines Have Failed and It's All Hands on Deck for Treatment. When Will the US Wake Up?

The University of Oxford has published results which show that early treatment with inhaled budesonide shortens recovery time by a median of three days in patients with COVID-19 who are at higher risk of more severe illness and are treated in the community.



Michele (Conclave)

From: Michele (Conclave)


I can't open the link to whatever delphi forum that is where I suppose the link to the article that you're quoting is.


The US has been monitoring the effectiveness of using inhaled budesonide as a treatment for those who have contracted Covid (likely because they or people they associate with are too pig-headed to get vaccinated, but I digress...), and even your devil in a suit, Dr. Fauci has been saying that the results are promising.  The trials have been held in the UK, but that doesn't mean that there isn't U.S. involvement.

I did find the article online, and as suspected, it is written/published by a far right leaning organization thatwould prefer to have sensational headlines and presumptuous mishandling of facts rather than report the actual findings.

The U.S. does have a different way of conducting trials, and I would admit that it could probably use some overhauling, which the Dems have tried to do, but the Republicans have blocked them at every turn. So blame your precious DT for having tore open the scab on partisian politics where it seems that duty to self and party take precedence over duty to the country as a whole.