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Nothing is actually black and white   Social issues

Started 2-May by Weasel (poptardo); 8225 views.

Outstanding, for having found it! joy

Harold27Z said:

But not so for Aryans  Cam you not perceive double-standards ?

I still have to get myself some information bout it.... this is what I have so far:

The theory of an “Aryan race” appeared in the mid-19th century and remained prevalent until the mid-20th century. According to the hypothesis, those probably light-skinned Aryans were the group who invaded and conquered ancient India from the north and whose literature, religion, and modes of social organization subsequently shaped the course of Indian culture, particularly the Vedic religion that informed and was eventually superseded by Hinduism.


From: Harold27Z


Allow me to expand upon what little you managed to discover.

Northern Pakistan has an Aryan Kalash tribe.  They originated in ancient Iran whose ruler until 1979 was Shah Pavlavi.  One of his titles was "King of the Aryans".

Nearby India still has a racial system known as as the "Caste" system with White Brahmins at the top and Dalit Harijan Untouchables at the bottom.  The Hindu word for "Caste" is "Varna" which LITERALLY means "COLOUR".

Even today, the swastika remains a good luck symbol in India.  Gandhi had swastikas in his house on the floor and walls. 

No need to take my word for it.  Go check in case I made it up all by myself.  Go figure whose brainpower designed the Taj Mahal. 

Western China has mummies of Aryans.

No need to thank me profusely when twice will suffice.


From: Pinck0


"The only Zen you find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there."

Robert M. Pirsig

As good as this quote above sweat_smile


From: Pinck0


According to HAROLD everyone has to think as he does  and follow him blindly!


I'm mystified why he uses a picture of an Aussie politician's image for his profile.

 Hendrik Verwoerd word die Eerste Minister van Suid-Afrika.

Parliamentarian Service Officer, Dimitri Tsafendas, stabbed the architect of apartheid, Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd to death on 6 September 1966.

Harold is harsh and mean to everyone because he has some idea in his head about the ARYAN Kalash tribe.

In reply toRe: msg 49

Former Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd and wife.

He is considered to be the primary architect of Apartheid in South Africa. He was assassinated in 1966. Interestingly, he spent time in Germany after his Doctoral studies.

WHY are you FIXATED on the ARYAN - how about the other people such as the Phoenicians? They remain one of the most enigmatic ancient civilizations, with historians and scholars prone to speculation and educated guesses. 

The Phoenicians Explained in 10 Minutes

14 Apr 2020 Captivating History



From: Harold27Z


I am an Aryan because it is our correct designation.  In contrast, other near-White life-forms falsely accuse themselves by claiming to be White.  Its wishful thinking.

As for the Phoenicians, the clip was rivetting.  However, it failed to mention reports of their circumnavigation of Africa down the east coast and up on the west into the Mediterannean at Gibratar.  Their sailors were surprised to notice the sun coming up on their right instead of the usual left.   I do not have all the details and cannot explain how they reached the east coast of Africa before the Suez canal was created.

Anyway, the local Khoisan Bushmen were into rock art paintings.  The paint colours they used were a true reflection of what they saw. Grey for elephant and rhino. Yellow for giraffe.  Shades of brown for springbok etc.  Their rock paintings included White Phoenicians and their ships.  They did not paint bantu because there were none in southern Africa prior to European civilization.

Hundreds of years ago, bantu on the west coast, around Angola had a grudge against Portuguese sailors.  In due course, some Dutch sailors were captured and taken to the local bantu chief.  The chief released them because he could see a mile away, their hair was too fair to be Portuguese.  I got that story from one of my many books by Lawrence G. Green.  Sorry I do not recall which one mentioned the Dutch sailors.  You can download about 30 of the 35 or so books here.[]=creator%3A%22lawrence+green%22

Long ago, I met Annelize Morgan, the author of "Perels en Swyne" (Pearls & pigs) which mentions massive structures built by giants at Baalbek in Lebanon.  Therein, page 41, said "Lebanon" literally means "White mountain".  Thereafter, Lebanon experienced low quality immigration problems.

Decades ago, I met a Lebanese family. The parents appeared Middle Eastern but their child was almost dark brown,  They told me about a restaurant whose wine is kept cool via streams of cool mountain water under the floor.