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Started 14-Aug by Apollonius (Theocritos); 315 views.

Chris Martenson produces a series on YouTube called Peak Prosperity.  He covers many topics but is especially focused on economics.

Recently he put up several videos on bias in media, including social media:

Unqualified For The Job: Time To Meet AP's Fact Checkers

Click here for part 2 of this video:'t miss a beat if we get censored or banned on YouTube: follow us on Odyse...

PolitiFact Exposed: No science & Poor Ethics

Watch the full video at:'t miss a beat if we get censored or banned on YouTube: follow us on Odysee and Rumbl...

Both of these videos are quite short.  Within the space of roughly 15 minutes Martenson covers a lot of ground, making some useful general comments but also providing some very specific examples.

For those interested in truth in reporting, I highly recommend spend the short time it takes to watch these presentations and learn how radically skewed the legacy media has become.

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I especially liked the contrast between these charts plotting media bias.

Here is the chart from AllSides:

And here is Chris Martenson’s adjusted chart:

Note that Martenson includes two new categories 'Very Left' and 'Deranged', which is where Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and much of social media belongs.

Importantly, he also notes as I have many times, that Wikipedia is 'Very Left' (what I have described as 'far left').

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The video about Politifact is particularly revealing.  Martenson takes a look at the background, affiliations, and qualifications of the chief executives of that organization.  As he says, he likes to put a face on these often rather secretive organizations.   Generally, people simply look at these fact-checking sites and don't bother to examine who is in charge and how they come to the decisions they do.

Politifact by no means restricts their 'fact-checking' to strict politics.  What with energy, environmental, education, health-care, and even mental-health considerations including sexuality issues and policies so intimately connected to politics these days, they and others like them have become sources of validation of their views by social media users and others who are looking for quick answers to their questions regarding scientific matters, often relying on survey of a selection of 'respectable' 'experts' or often what simply becomes verification by virtue of consensus of opinion among high-level bureaucrats who run agencies which deal with issues where data is analyzed in supposedly scientific ways.   Accordingly, Martenson even includes a chart of each of the 36 principle editors for Politifact and investigates their background.   Only one of those thirty-six editors has any kind of science degree.


From: Guard101


The political warmongering on the citizens is well detected and huge - so expanded that most people give up to comment or word battle within the huge social media, such as Google, youtube, Facebook etc... other social media sites such as this format here have particular helper that constantly attack Trump fans to a scary point.... even in the entertainment categories such as poetry and thoughts editorial.... several of my close friends and colleagues have totally gone off air.

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From: Sylveria


The Mianstream Media is not about informing citizens anymore, it's about corporation's adverts and how much  $$$$$$ they can produce a day!

At the end of the day someone brought up all the facts in minute details!  thumbsup


From: Dot_hoe


What saddens me is that the Left won't bother or check this out, it's too much reality-based .... ..


From: Clothahump


Don't you find it interesting that "fact checkers" never show up until a conservative point of view is expressed?