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Why Are We in Ukraine?   Discussions

Started 27/10/22 by Apollonius (Theocritos); 8367 views.
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Heather (HeatherW33)

From: Heather (HeatherW33)


Who's the "big guy, ace?

President Biden’s newly appointed Special Counsel tasked with investigating Trump has financial ties to far-left billionaire George Soros, according to reports.

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Heather (HeatherW33)

From: Heather (HeatherW33)


Biden’s New Special Counsel Is Connected to George Soros – Media Blackout

Fact checked November 29, 2022

The Bidens, Soros, the Smiths, don’t respect the law.  They have their own rules.  People of integrity would never be involved in the actions they are involved in.  They’re not for the truth, they’re for the destruction of America.


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Heather (HeatherW33)

From: Heather (HeatherW33)


Biden admin gives Chevron new license to pump oil in communist Venezuela

November 27, 2022 | Jack McEvoy |

The Treasury Department on Saturday issued Chevron a new license that would allow the massive oil company to pump oil in Venezuela, easing sanctions on the communist country as the price of gas remains elevated.


From: maxi4


Oh no! George Soros. Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From: maxi4


Fake news stories[edit]

NewsPunch has published false stories, including:

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Not a (Pinck0)

From: Not a (Pinck0)


In other words:  The Russia's invasion in the Ukraine will become a bonus for the U.S Arms industry. In an alternative enquiry, since the end of the cold war, Europe has lived with the certainty that globalization and the interdependence of economies are supposed to be the best way to avoid confrontations. Like fledgling brooded by the all mighty America, NATO countries have reduced the share of their budget devoted to defence.


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... Put differently, by the time the conflict ends, it appears Washington will have prompted the Russian State to build up its military power, the very opposite of the fatal weakening that Washington intended when it embarked on its course of military confrontation with Moscow. 

But none of these developments should surprise anyone in Washington, D.C. Beginning with Biden’s speech in Warsaw effectively demanding regime change in Moscow, the Biden administration refused to see foreign policy in terms of strategy. Like a stupid general who insists on defending every inch of ground to the last man, President Biden confirmed the United States’s commitment to oppose Russia and, potentially, any nation state that fails to measure up to globalism’s hypocritical democratic standards, regardless of the cost to the American people, whether in terms of their security or prosperity. 

Biden’s speech in Warsaw was hot with emotion and mired in the ideology of moralizing globalism that is popular in Washington, London, Paris, and Berlin. But for Moscow, the speech was tantamount to a Carthaginian Peace plan. Biden’s “take no prisoners” conduct of U.S. foreign policy means the outcome of the next phase of the Ukrainian War will not only destroy the Ukrainian state. It will also demolish the last vestiges of the postwar liberal order and produce a dramatic shift in power and influence across Europe, especially in Berlin, away from Washington to Moscow and, to a limited extent, to Beijing.

C J (CardJoker)

From: C J (CardJoker)


It seems to me that AMERICA is suicidal, becàuse this war will last a long time.