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Orwell was an amateur   Discussions

Started 20-Nov by Apollonius (Theocritos); 1010 views.

... Orwell envisioned the need for a massive Ministry of Truth to enact societal control when in fact all it took was some silliness about whether calling Covid-19 “Chinese flu” was racism and a dash of sky-is-falling articles. Make fear the problem and empowering protectors becomes the solution. The message worked: you have to give things up for a safe society. If you don’t, you’re selfish; you’ve committed a crime against your neighbors.

When Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four, he could not envision any entity more powerful than the government, backed by secret police and the army. He could not imagine global media and its running dog companion, social media, screening what we read and providing the tools of cancelation. He did not foresee the endpoint of global capitalism, a handful of people with almost all of the money who could buy the laws and societal changes they wanted.

Instead of adapting to this reality and pushing back, progressive Americans cheer it on. They roll like dogs in mud over the idea that while the government can’t censor Dr. Seuss, a corporation can. They enjoy the ignorance of pretending such censorship is not censorship because, for now at least, only things they don’t like are being censored. They enjoy pretending it doesn’t matter if it is done by a private entity.

In 2022 America, we not only voluntarily accept surveillance, but we want more of it because it makes shopping easier. We spend thousands of dollars to buy and maintain 24/7 devices on our person that track our locations, record our communications, and study and analyze our personal habits from porn preferences to fashion choices, all so Amazon can recommend products to us. Tracking us was sold first as a way to keep us safe from terrorist attacks that never came, then to catalog our associations to keep us safe from a Covid-19 crisis kept on the boil as long as possible. We want Big Brother to know where we’ve been so he can warn us not to associate with the “diseased” people there. Vaccine passports to label and reward the compliant? Yes, please, if it means we can go to ballgames.

We love surveillance technology when it helps arrest the “right” people. We fetishize how cell phone data was used to place people onsite during the Capitol riots, coupled with facial recognition run against images pulled off social media, aided by loved ones snitching, to arrest them. There is even a do-it-yourself version of facial recognition progressives used to help law enforcement ID rioters. The goal was to jail people if possible, but most loyalists seemed equally satisfied if they could cause someone to lose their job.

As a young man, I visited Soviet Eastern Europe. I lived in China and in Taiwan under dictatorship. I spoke to survivors of the Cultural Revolution and torture victims from Seoul’s years of military control. I’m much older now, and know when I’ve seen something before. Orwellian? Orwell was an amateur.

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Not a (Pinck0)

From: Not a (Pinck0)


Will the Supreme Court make it easier to sue the media?

It’s very difficult in America to prove defamation but that may be about to change

By Peter Van Buren


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From: Not a (Pinck0)



''Popularity should be no scale for the election of politicians. If it would depend on popularity, Donald Duck and The Muppets would take seats in senate.''

-- Orson Welles                             smile_cat


From: drl0lip0p


GREAT!!! v

Let the lawyers have a field trip ...sueing most of the Leftiotic Media! 

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From: Sylveria


Historical Background

Orwell wrote 1984 just after World War II ended, wanting it to serve as a warning to his readers. He wanted to be certain that the kind of future presented in the novel should never come to pass, even though the practices that contribute to the development of such a state were abundantly present in Orwell's time.

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Samurai (BushMesh)

From: Samurai (BushMesh)


Alex Jones said it as it is:

"When I called Clinton a Wall Street puppet, they called me a right-wing extremist. When I said the same about George W. Bush, they called me an anti-war communist. Now that I'm against Obama for the same reasons, mainline conservatives embrace me. When I attack the next right-wing 'savior,' they're gonna call me a communist again."



From: Sylveria


Captivating; I was searching a touch that carry everything up to date! 



From: fabul0us


The propaganda Media should be sued, but I doubt it will ever be done! 


From: drl0lip0p


Alex Jones most likely made sense,most of the time... v

Political tormentors and warmongers construct their own laws within a major global persecution and constant harassment on citizens that keep these terrorists alive through their taxes.