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Welcome To The Garden [Poem]   Arts and Entertainment

Started 20-Mar by Not a (Pinck0); 417 views.
Not a (Pinck0)

From: Not a (Pinck0)


Welcome To The Garden
We have a health care crisis
And its not some virus
Some new -itis
The crisis is
We don’t care
About our health.

Too busy mongering
For Cheese
Getting that dough
Nuts for the drip
Flossing our Gold
Teeth in our Wallet
Living life climbing

evergreen_tree  deciduous_tree  palm_tree

Welcome To The Garden- Spoken Word Poetry

Aubrey Marcus
 Mar 12, 2023  #poetry #spokenword

Aubrey was one of the first public voices in support of psychedelic medicine in the podcast era, speaking of his first journey with Ayahuasca all the way back in 2011 on the Joe Rogan Experience. 

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Not a (Pinck0)

From: Not a (Pinck0)


The Mountain of do more,
Code red until we’re dead.
There’s a hole inside us
An emptiness,
A loneliness
We try to fill it with ease,
Fast food,
Heavy porn
Hard booze
Until ease becomes disease.
But worse than all these
Is the stress of the pace
The constant rat race,
Cortisol oozes and spills
We try to clean it with pills,
And promises without the will
To keep our word.
To ourselves.

You see the problem with
A rat race…
Is even if you win…
You’re still a rat.
Spinning the wheel
For some bigger fat cat
Who will buy power with money
And open the Gates of hell
And send us the Bill.
The sad part about it all,
Is that this is the story of the fall.
We’re still in Eden
We never left.

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Not a (Pinck0)

From: Not a (Pinck0)


And it wasn’t an apple
It was the snake of empire
That hissed in our ear
Shaming our pleasure
Commodifying our treasure
So now we can’t see that the trees

Are laden with mangos
And we don’t need f*cking cheetohs.
This is an invitation
Not a condemnation.
A time for celebration
Of a global liberation.
Welcome back to the Garden.
We’ve got some tending to do.


Myra (MKratz)

From: Myra (MKratz)


These shrewd rats are mocking us all.

We haven't figured these wars at stall.  


Not a (Pinck0)

From: Not a (Pinck0)


Dark fraction, we pay chiefs to get us off the wall

But - what they do is get us all into a nasty brawl .


The garden soon turns bare and dry

If we don't attend it on time; we'll all die. herb

Not a (Pinck0)

From: Not a (Pinck0)


 In the world's broad field of battle,
    In the bivouac of Life,
    Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
    Be a hero in the strife!

From "A Psalm of Life"

by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:  smile_cat

As Walt Whitman noted:

"Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed."

tulip rose  herb