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Beirut: Al Qaida’s Syria wing, Nusra Front   Middle East conundrum

Started 14/1/20 by AuntBetsie; 633 views.

From: polinious


The Arab countries you mentioned do not want to have any of these other Arabs you mentioned, they cause long standing trouble and hatred among each other!! 


From: BerrySteph


AuntBetsie said:

Since according to you and your specific irrational mindset

Lebanon used to be a democracy while Syria and Iraq were secular societies, all of them modernising nicely.

Girls went to school, alcohol was sold from little booths on the street and minorities flourished.

All of that was destroyed by Israel either flooding them with destitute refugees and then arming criminals, or attacking them in other ways.

All of it the foothills of Holocaust II, the death of millions, then 100s of millions, then billions of the brown people.

Who, as we all know, cannot be trusted to govern themselves for our benefit.


From: BerrySteph


polinious said:

The Arab countries you mentioned do not want to have any of these other Arabs you mentioned

Of course they don't, they're still tribal societies (and they're all pretty crowded).

They're not mobile societies (with lots of space) as you've perfected.

Arab societies can't cope with such refugees - they can only look with envy at the US taking in millions of educated white Jewish refugees in the 1930s.