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The 'Philosophy' of Franz Kafka   Lecture and Books

Started 14/2/20 by Gonghis (GonghisKhan); 2799 views.
Gonghis (GonghisKhan)

From: Gonghis (GonghisKhan)


thumbsup That's how it used to be in the past

Not sure if any students would read or create a fuss...


From: RGoss99


Not exactly correct Kafka is Kafka, Kafkaesq refers to the work of others that resembles that of Kafka. the affix "-esque" simply means "like" or "similar to", not necessarily "the same" or "equal to". Parallel example "Romanesque"  architecture, is based on "Roman" architecture. if some thing is "picturesque"  it is not a "picture" but something natural that looks lke a man made picture. Burlesque (from french for joke) is a a funny versión of something serious, e.g. not a joke.

Bernard (Hipocampous)

From: Bernard (Hipocampous)


If only KAFKA knew how much he is important these days... he wouldn't have been as isolated and miserable throughout his life.

He lived in Prague under the Austro-Hungarian empire, thus he did not speak German, he spoke Austrian - it's a totally different accent!

10 Austrian Words that Germans don't understand



From: Petulance


I'm in absolute agreement about Kafka somber past and present times...


From: Snokulokapus


AH Yes, Frank KAFKA

one of my favourite author during college days!


Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis



From: rossiking


I absolutely agree with these words. If each of us carried the truth, the world would be completely different. But sooner or later, each of us will face an ethical dilemma when the truth or gain / career / money or anything else on this long list is on the scales. Unfortunately, the truth is valued less and less and people are increasingly choosing what is on the other hand the scales. Believe me, I studied a lot of this issue, although it is not entirely clear. But with the help of examples and help from, I successfully managed and wrote my paper.

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Eliot (Elohimil)

From: Eliot (Elohimil)


That is one side of the immense variety and facet of life!  sweat_smile


From: gaargster


Unfortunately, not everyone understands this. Philosophy is generally a confusing thing, which can be discussed a lot, and the most interesting thing is that everyone will be right in his own way. But sometimes different visions of one situation unpleasantly affect. For example, my philosophy teacher and I have completely different views, and so I had to look for the best essay writing service review in order to write a work that he liked. Since when I first set out the essay written by me, he did not even count it.


From: NewsFrea1


You do really feel the need to teach French words to French /German /Dutch peaking people here?

Did your naive mindset even try to watch the video narration at all? laughing


From: NewsFrea1


Unless someone is totally suffering of dementia and never read any KAFKA books, there's no explanation to argue questionable and deep issue to everyone's life.