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Larry Elder: Who kills whom?   Social issues

Started 25/6/20 by Ella (Steellar); 13641 views.

From: AuntBetsie


The ANTIFA herd have wicked and irrational minds, they have absolutely no scruples!


From: Harold27Z


If the FBI turns a blind eye to Antifa, what does that tell you ?

In Ireland and many other countries, police turn a blind eye to Antifa intimidation of peaceful demonstrators.

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From: AuntBetsie


"Demoralization of the target audience is yet another step in successful mind control."

- Joost Meerloo


From: AuntBetsie


"The more the panic grows, the more uplifting the image of a man who refuses to bow to the terror."

Ernst Junger

This video will aim to answer questions surrounding mass psychosis: What is it? How does is start? Has it happened before? Are we experiencing one right now? And if so, how can the stages of a mass psychosis be reversed?





From: Harold27Z


Thanks I will download it now.

I recall a video from Scottish conspiracy truthist Alan Watt.  He had an uncle in an alphabet agency who never spoke about his work.  The uncle's ONLY hint revealed was "Don't watch the television".  This suggest propaganda is discretely distributed to media channels as per Operation mockingbird

Originally, alphabet agencies were NOT allowed to do propaganda within the US until Kenyan Obummer signed Executive order authorization.  I have the details on my PC but it is not yet processed and categorized and labelled for easy retrieval

Likewise, Obummer's Executive Order 13603 purports to authorize FEMA Feds to take over everything including all forms of energy, civil transportation (eg your car) water, commdities, products (eg food)  etc.

Pray tell, how does THAT comply with the 19 powers delegated DOWN to the Feds by the parent states ?


From: Harold27Z


I watched the clip.  Critical mass could be manipulated before mass media emerged and before water was fluoridated.

Recently, I watched a clip by a Scottish hypnotist. He made adults dance like Michael Flately in "Lord of the dance".  Others crawled on all fours saying: "Baa, baa".

Churchill said: "The greatest argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter".  They may vote on a referendum about joining or leaving the EU or on a treaty. YET NOT TEN PERCENT have read the fine printed nuances.

I have contempt for brainless sheeps who cannot rationally explain their logic or beliefs.

Michele (Conclave)

From: Michele (Conclave)


Harold27Z said:

Antifa works hand-in-glove with the Federales.

Who is Antifa? Do they have a country or a flag or a pledge? And doesn't it stand for "Anti-Fascist"? I thought that all you uninhibited thinkers were against fascism? Or are you for it?


From: Seaguil


What's the difference between the USA and a bird?

On a bird, the left wing and the right wing work together to benefit the whole bird.