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Suntanologic BLM theory    Social issues

Started 10/8/20 by Harold27Z; 19076 views.

From: Harold27Z


How kind of you to say so.  No need to worry about copyright.

The PC brigade compel us to be creative with our terminology eg suntan, affirmative life-forms having lost their scarcity value,  bum-bandit abuminations,  transpestites, improvisor iinvestiGAYtor sickenizations etc,

I do not specialize in small-talk.  Somehow, I manage to upset the liberal retards who cannot articulate a logical argument, including an ex-sibling.

Heaven knows how many chat-sites have banned me multiple times for speaking the truth on various topics involving the current health hoax, vaccine ingredients from abortion-tortured babies, GMO seeds, smokers, jumbo fat slobs, politics, conspiracies, religion, free-speech, BLM theory, DNA, history, false-flags, in-breeding, IQ and the equality theory, civilization equivalencies, hypocrisy, mass media brainwashing, White slave compensation, WW2 allied war crimes, faked moon-landing circus, "Titanic" name-plate swiched with identical sister-ship "Olympic",  legal jurisdictional deceptions including the significance of the tasselled US war-flag  in Judge Judy's treasonous BAR (BRITISH Accredited Registry) court, civil forfeiture scam, fashion, alcoholics, mass media blackouts, death-sentence, secret-societies, work-shy beggars, DC Federales, JFK shot from a pavement storm-water drain for signing Executive Order 11110, bankster securitization scam, US taxes to the INDEPENDENT City state "City of London Crown Corporation" with its "Remembrancer" holding veto power in UK parliament, alleged global warming scam, kill-the-messenger syndrome, psychiatry scam etc.

I could write a book about the heavy-duty discrimination  against me.  I have countless supporting screenshots.

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From: Miyuko


I don't know how the current situation will span out in the future, but I think you're right!

Too many HATE HOAXES have been spreading!

Cancel Culture Psychopaths
Paul Joseph Watson - Aug 26, 2020



From: Harold27Z


I watched half and downloaded it to watch later.

Alas, duty calls, my daughter demands I scratch her feet.

No I am not virtue signalling because I am in no position to do so.

Bernard (Hipocampous)

From: Bernard (Hipocampous)


Apart of Remington, there was Olivetti as well, but these typewriters were sole found in Europe.

thumbsup The company was founded as a typewriter manufacturer by Camillo Olivetti in 1908 in Ivrea, Italy.


From: Quasuo


Great Vlog! v

Frankly from a South Korean view, I never had a racial problem with anyone in the U.S / Canada or anywhere else arund the world.


From: Quasuo


Did you ever have a racial problem in the west?  grinning


From: Harold27Z


I am pleased to hear you had pleasant experiences. 

IQ tests show East Asians average 105 ie above the average White score which is held down by sharing tax-funded resources with retarded life-forms.

I assume your routine does not involve BLM style Burning, Looting and Mugging.

Suntans destroy because they cannot produce equivalent civilizations nor achievements without outside funding and spoon-feeding.  They cannot identify, let alone showcase their own achievements.  They are allowed to have uncountable black exclusivity eg Black Congressional Caucus etc.  But a Black Lawyers Association would have a field day if there was a White Lawyers Association.  The inconsistency remains a mystery to them.

Too bad if the truth makes me sound "far-right".  But if the "far-right" had their way, there would be immigration control, fewer revolting rioters, law and order and no affirmative-action etc.


From: lePlongeur


These backward trashy destroyers that have no scientific legacy or musical background.

No Brahms, no Mozart, no Beethoven, no Debussy, no Tchaikovsky , no Bach, no Chopin, no Wagner, no Vivaldi, no Hayden,…

No Archimedes, no  Cai Lun , no Thomas Edison , no Sir Isaac Newton, no Karl Benz!!!

No scientists as Marie Curie, no Albert Einstein, no Jane Goodall, no Sir Francis Galton, no Jacques Ives Cousteau , on Hans Hass, no Ruth Gates... make the rules now? 



From: Harold27Z


I dare say their patent offices were hidden deep underground next to their universities to prevent theft of intellectual property eg the circular wheel.

Cecil John Rhodes came too late to build them roads so they relied upon elephant paths to guide them.

Fewer than 100 civilized persons had set blue and green eyes upon the Victoria Falls and already a monumental bridge was under construction. its still in use by cars and trains and bungy-jumpers.


Nobody stopped them building their OWN bridges.  Nobody stopped them building their OWN hydro-electric dam at Kariba.

They were tripping over the diamonds prior to civilzation, trade, industry and commerce.

They moan because "White Monopoly Power" is too "Euro-centric" but nothing stopped them developing their OWN businesses into "Afro-centric" corporations.

Liberals foolishly assume all life-forms share the same intrinsic thought-patterns and values and capacities but the differences go FAR beyond colour.

I could explain for hours, days and weeks.


From: lePlongeur


I'll have a cup of Camomile tea with my mother and watch the documentary, She loves historical documentaries. I wasn't aware of all the interesting details!

This was my mother's hang out and forum…


The Life & Legend of Cecil Rhodes Ep.1

Wesley Vanderzalm