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Fully Vaccinated Bill Maher got Covid   Dare You - US Politics

Started 13/6/21 by NYCKGB; 3415 views.

From: Harold27Z


I have not studied mainstream media for decades because it bores me to tears. Its an insult to my intelligence.

It never tells you the alternative viewpoints.   It fails to mention 99.995% survive.

It fails to say the definition of a "pandemic" HAD TO BE CHANGED to exclude "killing enormous numbers of people".

As long as 1 person on each continent has a common illness, we have an excuse for declaring a pandemic and enforcing perpetual lock-downs.

The hyped-up "case" numbers are irrelevant. The PCR test detects "covid" in goats and paw-paw fruit.  The nose swabs have a risky chemical liable to damage nerve-tissue.  Blue masks contain Morgellon worms.  Sanitizing liquid can adversely impact your skin. The jabs have NOT undergone long-term clinical trials.  The ingredients are top-secret. Astra-Zeneca vials contain vile bile including abortion-tortured Baby tissue, Mercury etc.

The Nuremberg Code aspect of informed consent is never discussed.  Pfizer's CEO refuses his own jab. Gates invested billions but refuses a jab for him and his family.  The info inserts are often blank.

The jab is an IQ test.

Let me paraphrase Bill Gates on TedTalks: "If we are successful ... we can achieve a 10-15% global population reduction with vaccines".  His family are eugenicists.   A few months before the outbreak, he funded "Event 201" which drew up an action plan for EXACTLY what subsequently transpired.

Bill Gates has never been seen wearing a mask.

Faucci "predicted" a serious outbreak during the Trump administration. 

The linkage with nanotech and 5G radiation is never discussed.

Global Stasi enforcement proves pricktators are all satanist, masons and or paedos afraid of exposure and physical punishments as per their occultic oaths..  The goal-posts are always moving.  We went from "Two weeks to flatten the curve" to endless boosters into perpetuity.  Officials all parrot-out the same script.  You could not make it up.  Nor could I.  So I didn't.. 

The "spike-protein" could result in buggering your natural immunity as in the case of AIDS patients.

One size does not fit all.  One man's meat is another man's poison.  A million celebrities will never convince me to trust Big Pharma.

Whistle-blowers have been put out of circulation by Big-Pharma which enjoy legal liability on their jabs.  Nevertheless they all have a bad track-record of causing damages and heavy-duty  out-of-court settlements mostly prior to gaining their legal immunity.

Alternative treatments like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquin etc are heavily censored as are social media.

Four African presidents opposing the jabs all died under suspicious circumstances in the last year or so (Zambia, Tanzania ... I can't recall the others).

Monkeys share 99% of human DNA but that's missing percentage is enough to deny them human rights.  ModeRNA  jabs change your DNA to make you less than 100% human - there goes your human rights.  I kid you not.

I could continue for hours but we are already on the same wave-length.