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PSYCHOPATH FAUCI    Health and Science

Started 8/9/21 by BarthaS; 3553 views.

From: Harold27Z


The vast majority have no inkling of state of the art technology.

Even the Stasi battering peaceful protesters will be redundant when replaced by robot patrol dogs and deadly drones.

They refuse to consider the consequences which even their own family will suffer.

Most jabbed reckon the un-jabbed are causing the spread and want us in Gulag slave labour camps.

Jabs are an IQ test.  Most failed. 

Jabbed bastards are not even suspicious about re-definitions of "Pandemic" / "Vaccine". 

Pandemics no longer need to "kill enormous numbers of people" as per the previous definition.  How convenient.

Vaccines no longer "confer immunity" as per the previous definition.  They merely reduce the alleged risk.  How convenient.

Even the term "Fully Vaccinated" is morphing into "Up to Date" ... until the next expiry date.

I'd like to see them when they get sick as a dog due to a weakened natural immunity so they become AIDS patients.

I would like to ask them what research they have performed.