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Why Are We in Ukraine?   Discussions

Started 27/10/22 by Apollonius (Theocritos); 8266 views.
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... During the Covid pandemic, the global elites, in intimate cooperation with the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, discovered that you can literally manufacture a global health crisis and a panic based not on hard indicators such as symptoms, serious disease, or even death, but solely and merely based on some artificial test that had at best only minimal predictive power as regards serious illness or death. And without these tests, most people would not even have noticed that they were sick. Without tests, there would have been no health crisis, because in actuality, Covid did not have any more serious consequences than a severe flu. Except now, on the basis of Covid tests, the economy was damaged. Actually, a central-command economy was established. The test results were used by the powers that be to restrict human liberties and property rights in an unprecedented way. Totalitarian powers and measures were assumed and taken by them to allegedly avert an impending catastrophe. House arrests, curfews, business closures, bans of work, production, travel, movement and association were enforced, and people were compelled—even forced—to subject themselves to an injection with a so-called vaccine that was untested, the producers of which had been exempted from any liability for side effects, and that turned out largely ineffective.

In addition, people were bothered by requirements of certificates and permits in order to lead a normal life again. Again, in this event, Germany turned out to be one of the most obedient, authoritarian countries. Only Austria was even worse in this regard, but Austria made a mild turnaround a little bit later. It’s much milder now than Germany where this whole thing still goes on.

And most people—that was an amazing thing—most people sheepishly followed the constantly changing and contradictory orders given by their political leaders and imposters and their so-called experts and advisors drawn from and paid by the pharma industry whose every prediction turned out false or fabricated or just simply made up. Still, there was little if any resistance and then only a very timid one, which taught me an important lesson: namely, how difficult it is and how difficult it has become to resist government or state orders, even if they are of the most totalitarian kind such as body invasions.

We, my generation, had been taught to criticize and fault our parents for their alleged cowardice during the Nazi time. That was a standard program in German schools. Ask your parents. What did you do? Why didn’t do you anything? Why didn’t you do anything?

And what I learned from the behavior of the people during the Covid crisis was: it taught me a lesson in humility because, what did I do? What did we all do? Even though it was obviously far less dramatic and evil than what happened during the Nazi period. No, we did not resist. So I felt humbled by this experience and could somehow understand how these things happen to other people too. 

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The war in the Ukraine is the most recent and most dramatic and violent attempt at further advancing globalization, centralization and imperialism.  The outcome of which is still very uncertain. It is also the latest demonstration of global elites to show in particular Germany (but also Western Europe and the EU) who is boss. In this they are being supported by elitist German collaborators and traitors.

To start with, let me give you a short, general remark on war: In violent conflicts between individuals or rival street gangs, we can normally clearly distinguish the aggressor from the victim, aggressive violence from defensive violence, evil and guilty from good and innocent. This is impossible, however, in the case of interstate war or violence: because all states are aggressors and protection rackets, that conduct their operation, be it offensive or defensive, with means, weapons and finances stolen from their own “protected” populations – just think of Mafia gangs trying to enlarge their territory or turf, or defending and protecting themselves from such attempts by another such gang.

This leads me to the following first verdict or judgment regarding the current war: everyone, Biden, Putin, Zelensky, Johnson, Scholz, Macron, von der Leyen, etc., indeed everyone involved or entangled in the war with means or materials not his own is an evil warmonger, and they all deserve to rot in jail as accomplices to death and destruction. This in addition to their aggression committed against their own domestic resident-victims.

But this does not exclude judging or comparing the relative guilt of the warring gangs in the present war. And here I reach a rather clear verdict.

It is not Putin and his gang that aims at world domination, and that has organized coups and stationed troops in Canada or Mexico so as to encircle and pose a danger to the gang ruling the US  — for that, Russia is too much of an economic lightweight. Russia was happy to keep control over what she had (and not getting increasingly dependent on neighboring, economically increasingly more powerful China).

It is the ruling gangs of the US, in cooperation with their European lapdogs that have pursued and are pursuing this goal of world domination, and that have said so. They have encircled Putin’s Russia — which regards the US-EU-West as decadent and resisted the Western attempts at economic and cultural infiltration — with US (NATO) troops in its immediate vicinity.

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Zelensky is no democrat and whatever Biden is doing in Ukraine has nothing to do with democracy or the interests of ordinary Americans or Europeans:

... Moreover, all internal opponents and opposition forces were branded as hostile Russian collaborators and silenced through threats, imprisonment or even assassination. Zelensky’s predecessor as president, Petro Poroshenko, himself no friend of Russia, was accused of treason. All opposition parties were outlawed. All media daring to deviate from the official government narrative were closed down, and people showing any pro-Russian sympathies were publicly humiliated, maltreated or even killed and murdered.

So much for Jesus Zelensky.

I’m gradually coming to a conclusion now: in going on about Ukraine and Zelensky at some length, it has of course not been my purpose to white-wash Putin or excuse any of his crimes. As emphasized before, any interstate-war is a conflict of rival criminal gangs regarding “their” turf.

Rather, it was my intention to right and correct the systematic imbalance and distortion created and presented in the Western narrative concerning the present conflict.

And to demonstrate the utter depravity of the German (and not only the German) ruling elite to declare its unconditional solidarity with the ruling gang of the Ukraine and to send them as much money and weapons “as it takes”. Money and weapons that are not their own, but that were stolen and confiscated from their own people, and which will have to be paid for by their own people through massive inflation and impoverishment, all the while they themselves keep on living high on the hog.

And they are sending all of this loot to a foreign criminal gang that had brought the entire disaster upon itself, or rather its population, by listening to the criminal gang running US-NATO foreign policy. A gang that – as demonstrated over and over again, in Vietnam, in Iraq, in Syria, Libya, etc. etc. – does not care one whit about the Ukrainian population and its well-being, but is only interested about the expansion and extension of its own turf and is willing to accept as many Ukrainian deaths and destruction “as it takes” to bring down or at least bleed and deadly weaken Russia as one of the only two major remaining stumbling-blocs on their march toward ultimate world domination.

Moreover, it was my intention to demonstrate how, after the cruelties committed by the ruling elites in Germany against its own population for more than two years, during the artificially manufactured or fabricated so-called covid pandemic, with still no end in sight, this very same gang, in a combination of cowardice and recklessness, has maneuvered Germany, and with it all of Europe, onto the verge of a world war III.


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Most likely something you want to read and lunch an editorial of your own with similar ideas as we have seen this going on since the Bush-warmonger and his globalists friends. 

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Christopher Caldwell 

The Roots of Our Partisan Divide.

Hillsdale College 25 Feb 2020

Christopher Caldwell is a contributing editor at the Claremont Review of Books and a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times. A graduate of Harvard College, his essays, columns, and reviews appear in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times Book Review, the Spectator, Financial Times, the Claremont Review of Books, and numerous other publications. He is the author of Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West and The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties.

The Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship is part of Hillsdale College's Washington, D.C., campus, and seeks to advance the mission of the College in the nation's capital.



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The most excellent description of Vladimir Putin within the Russian diplomats and some warmongers hold him up, in spite of the ample opponents by countless citizens in Russia.


From: albatler


history may not repeat ,but it Rymes..

Putin is doing what Hitler did..

 uniting his people.

If Hitler needs to be invoked, I'm afraid I'm one of those who thinks Joe Biden better fits that description than Vladimir Putin.

I don't like Putin but I absolutely detest Biden (and his handlers).

We know that Nero was mad, but we're under no obligation to forgive him for his crimes just because of that.   Joe Biden is the most corrupt politician America has seen in a century.   He has been both for and against every issue that has come before the American public.  His game is expediency and his aim is all for himself (and his degenerate family).   The man needs to be charged with war crimes (and much else).

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A no-nonsense analysis of recent political and military developments in the Ukraine war.

Given the current political and military situation and Russian partial mobilization, it appears likely that a large-scale Russian ground and air offensive is imminent. The US and NATO might respond to such an offensive by providing more powerful weapons to Ukraine or by creating a “safe zone” in western Ukraine. Although Ukrainian authorities will try to keep residents in major cities, many people will try to flee to neighboring countries and other European countries.

The economic and energy situation in Europe and elsewhere will also likely continue to deteriorate, especially if the remaining Brotherhood gas pipeline through Ukraine or the Druzhba oil pipeline through Ukraine and Poland should be closed or destroyed.

A Ukrainian peace deal might have been possible on the basis of a bilingual federal state and a neutral foreign policy, but few actors were interested in such a solution. Given Russian annexations and the US/NATO proxy war strategy, a peace deal is probably no longer realistic at this point.

The Ukraine war is a complex war because it is driven by ethnic aspects (“East Slavic war”), historical aspects (the Soviet legacy), geostrategic aspects (NATO expansion), global aspects (US world order vs. multipolar world order), and ideological aspects (Western liberalism vs. Eastern traditionalism).

The overall US geopolitical goal remains the containment or subjugation of both Russia and China, and thus global predominance, as almost achieved in the 1990s. To this end, the US is using both Europe and East Asia as “Eurasian bridgeheads” (Brzezinski). In contrast, Russia and China, while advocating a multipolar world order, may ultimately try to impose a kind of “Eurasian doctrine”, similar to the Monroe doctrine, and confront US forces on the Eurasian continent.

Myra (MKratz)

From: Myra (MKratz)


There are so many developments about Russia and Putin's invasions in the Ukraine with all the refugees around the world by the globalists mentra, it is almost impossible to focus on one issue about that matter.