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From: Gaeia (Gurglet)Aug-2 4:23 PM 
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Sorry to let you know that part was discovered a long time ago, but of course CBC had to lie to the public that it was only found just after the fire.

Honestly are they ignorant or do they think we are daft?


Waterton Lakes National Park's human history dates back over 10,000 years, yet of the more than 250 discovered archaeological sites, very few are ancient.


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From: SnokulokapusAug-3 2:59 PM 
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Ward says the largest fire in the Kamloops Fire Centre remains the Snowy Mountain fire just south of Keremeos and Cawston at over 6,500 hectares. Almost 900 homes remain under an evacuation alert due to this fire.

Wildfires rage on in Kamloops Fire Centre
By Greg Fry August 2, 2018 - 12:18pm

The BC Wildfire Service has remapped the Monte Lake fire near Westwold to 60 hectares in size.

EARLIER: 71 wildfires are burning in the Kamloops Fire Centre with 30 of them starting Wednesday.

Fire Information Officer Brenna Ward says the Monte Lake blaze near Westwold hasn't grown since yesterday.



From: SnokulokapusAug-3 3:06 PM 
To: Gaeia (Gurglet) unread  (3 of 11) 
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sweat_smileCurrently there's a huge fire in Kamloops - in British Columbia,

where the North and South Thompson rivers meet, I wonder if they are digging for precious artefacts?



From: SnokulokapusAug-3 4:04 PM 
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Depression-era artifacts 1930s

There have also been some non-Indigenous finds as well, including a Depression-era work camp.

In the 1930s when jobs were next to impossible to find, the federal government hired men to build a major roadway through the park. Aside from a rough location, very little was known about these camps -- until the fire cleared the vegetation, providing a picture of what life was like in them.


From: fabul0usAug-4 5:36 PM 
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Looks that you have an interesting Wild Park - as for the CBC, BBC and CNN we definitely know that bring up old stuff and claim it as their own research!



From: Bodellia (bodelliadoba)Aug-4 9:08 PM 
To: Gaeia (Gurglet) unread  (6 of 11) 
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COLOR ME SHOCKED! astonished

CBC does know that not everyone follows Archeology and history, so they have totally liberty to lie to the majority that do not read history!



From: GRINCH0Aug-5 6:30 PM 
To: Gaeia (Gurglet) unread  (7 of 11) 
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Was the forest totally burned?

After a burned forest no one can have access before an entire year goes by.

''Native Americans began burning southern forests and grasslands to drive game, improve grazing conditions for wildlife, clear land for farming, and improve their own safety from concealed attackers and from wildfires. European immigrants readily adopted the Indians' woodsburning practices to improve range for cattle, reduce the risk of wildfire, increase visibility of snakes and large predators, and improve access.''



From: GRINCH0Aug-5 6:39 PM 
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That more precise story will become part of the historical record.

Archeologists knew most of them were here, but have never had such clear and direct access to what the Blackfoot people left behind at these camps within the last 300 years.



From: B0BBI3Aug-8 1:30 PM 
To: Gaeia (Gurglet) unread  (9 of 11) 
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There are huge archaeologist groups from France and Britain on facebook that may give you more adequate information.




From: lePlongeurAug-11 10:51 PM 
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Only after close-up examinations can one acknowledge what this discovery sight is.



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