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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KS Carolyn (KSCarolyn); 2611905 views.

Dang, I made another trip to the ER last night.  Afib again.  It's been 9 months since I had my ablation and I thought I was through with all that.  I had to call my son at 11 pm to take me but I was lucky and didn't need to stay.  With medication, I was able to get the heart rate back in the normal range and got back home at about 2 am.  I'm back on Amiodarone until I see my cardiologist.  I'm so bummed about that this has happened again.  The one piece of good news is my enlarged heart has shrunk since my last chest x-ray.   I'm okay now, just wanted to vent a little.



From: YDritch


What a scare that must have been.  So glad you're home.  Take good care of yourself.  We expect you to hold court in February.  Sending lots of hugs and prayers for healing.


From: LindaPutt


I'm sad to hear that happened again - but happy to hear you're okay.  kissing_heart


From: Mishii


KSCarolyn said:

enlarged heart has shrunk

So you are a little grinchy?


From: lppenguins


Oh my their all beautiful


From: lppenguins


Oh no, I hope your Dr. can get it under control 

((((( )))))


From: karensquilte



I finally got caught up on the forum.  Spent a week in Wis. seeing my newest Great grandson.  He is a cutie and weight 9.5 lbs and 23 inches long.  Rained every day I was there, but it was okay since I hadn't seen any rain here for months!!  Judy tell your husband what a great idea on the binding keeper. Welcome Gloria to the forum and look forward to seeing you at the retreat.  Laura, hope your thumb is doing better. Carolyn glad you're okay.  Those visits to the hospital aren't pleasant.  Hope your doctor can find a solution for you.  Judy in Ohio, your husband's wood work is absolutely beautiful and glad he has a wonderful hobby.  Wishing everyone, happy sewing.  I'm doing my share.  Oh, Pirate that last photo was beautiful.   Karen