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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KSCarolyn; 1352650 views.

Ok, I talked to several about my hunt for a good sofa bed for the sunroom, in case guests came. The prices for new ones are crazy! I'm super excited, because one I was looking at came available for <1/3 of the price it was new, and I found it on Marketplace. I've lined up help and we'll grab a truck from Menards and head down there tmrw evening. WOOT!!


From: Mishii


I love Marketplace.  Find all kinds of crazy good deals and I don't have to walk through stores.  Woohoo!

Mishii said...

Marketplace.  Find all kinds of crazy good deals and I don't have to walk through stores. 

I completely agree!!! LOL!!! I've been scoping it for a few months for the piece, but it's still way better than paying full price :D (and nearly 100% of my possessions are second hand. LOL!!!)


From: lppenguins


Score on the couch. 
we I finally caught up. Congrats Marcie!

love the quilt show pics too  I couldn’t go this year  having such back spasms, I knew better. 
glad to see everyone over here. 

I'm very excited about the couch! :) :) It's lovely, like new...I swear they must not have sat on it. It feels like new, and the cardboard tag is still on he pristine mattress. Need to spot clean a couple spots from the move, but otherwise great!



From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Mishii said...

KSCarolyn said:

Reminder. if you haven't returned the retreat evaluation yet, I'm waiting.....................

Oh!!! I've been sick as a dog for a day or so and I'm just showered, washed hair and put make-up on today.  I'll get to my email.





KSCarolyn said:

r. if you haven't returned the retreat evaluation yet, I'm waiting.....................

And we don'r want to keep the Princess waiting!!

I did send mine in, but as usual forgot to again tank you for making those really nice needle holder!  It is awesome! 

Now that Jonna is retired, you will not be safe from an invasion of the Tex-Okie contingent!  So watch out!




Heading out to New Mexico tomorrow.  Was going to fly, but hubby said i could drive, just after he said that Willie Nelson's song "On the Road Again" started playing, I call that a sign!

So the orphan blocks get loaded today and will head out tomorrow. Doubt if we can beat Viola's record, but Patti Laird sews pretty fast also!!

When will you be leaving NM?  Can you come back through TX and pick up some stuff?  I HAVE to get the storage unit totally cleaned out before the end of March - just found out they are going up on the rent AGAIN - to a ridiculously even higher amount of monthly rent.  So, first thing I am doing is going over there to clean it up, and divide the boxes of fabric into KEEP and PATTY.  As long as everything is out by the end of March, it will be okay - no more wasted money.  BUT I am leaving town on March 20 to go to my sister's in Kentucky, and plan to be back by March 29.  If I had known about all this before, I never would have schedule this trip.  And if it were just me going, I would just postpone the trip, but another friend of ours is going with me, and she had to take PTO time from work.  So, I need to get this done before I leave on March 20.  What a mess!  I am determined not to give those price-gouging storage unit people another dollar of my money.  Rent is already high enough!  In the next couple of days, I will have a better idea of how many boxes it will be.  I will keep you advised of progress.  Enjoy your trip to NM!  

viola (sissly4)

From: viola (sissly4)


Don't even try to catch up with me.I just inherited a friend of my from church her stack's.I have been hauling for the last four weeks of material from her house.A good thing I live by my self now.Have room for it.