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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KSCarolyn; 1482994 views.



Mishii said:

for me

No doubt.  Maybe even more than you wanted.

Key word is FOR ME, not to me-buuuuhaaaa


From: Mishii



Key word is FOR ME, not to me

Oh.  Well that changes everything.

Singulair is double duty. More used for asthma but crossover help on allergies. Zyrtec is the same class as many of the others out there, and is allergies. You're good!




Mishii said:

LABFIEND said: Key word is FOR ME, not to me Oh. 

Well that changes everything.

I doubt if it will REALLY change things-ROTFL


From: nylaagain


And you’ve even stocked for us! If you took money back, you could call it inventory.


From: lppenguins


My DH and I just got back from Colorado, on our way I realized I left my “go” bag of needles and thread at home but had my projects. 
we stopped in a couple of places (who would normally have at least a sewing kit etc.)

not one place had a thing. We found a Walmart somewhere and DH wanted to come in for a couple of fishing items and rain ponchos. I just needed a light colored thread, or even floss could work. I found a couple of needles in my projects. Lol

we go in, and hit the sewing area first every single rack was empty, no floss, no thread, no needles, it was ravaged. DH said what is going on? ???  Off we go to get stuff for s’mores YAY they had it all. But the shelves in food area were also ravaged. DH was in shock. Now off to sporting goods, utterly dismayed. LOL

he was now in shock, there were no ponchos, no spinners, no green line etc. etc.

A “what the H—-“ came out now in disgust. A guy standing there laughed.

I told him, everyone else is trying to get out and enjoying the outdoors, the other guy said “we all want to use this free time off relaxing.” DH agreed. 
sooo, I said to him, let’s stop at the Clearance isle and see what we could find, off we went. It was also ravaged, and right on the shelf with nothing around it was one spool of off white thread. I said Thanks Lord! DH is still telling the story. 
we had a wonderful time, his sister had everything we needed. No phones, no TV, no contact with the outside world (unless we drove into Creede) pure bliss. 
sorry if I’ve missed any important things, or Birthday's etc. I’ll get caught up. :0)


From: lppenguins


That’s great Mel, thanks for all you do. 
There are actually still people out there that believe it’s all a HOAX. My family members in Cali. They mostly wear the masks I made them, but feel it was all political. (???)

lppenguins said:

t was also ravaged, and right on the shelf with nothing around it was one spool of off white thread. I said Thanks Lord!

Wow Laura what a story! I went to the local Walmart craft isles a week or so ago and there was one spool of red thread, no fabric, the stuff they did have was really mostly gone! Just makes me appreciate the stuff I have kept over the years just in case. I am so glad that you found the one thing you needed.........thread is kinda essential to sewers and quilters.

I know. It's sad how people are acting about the masks and disbelieving the COVID stuff. I may venture to a small social gathering Sunday for the first Sunday school is having a gathering. Hoping to see my friends.

viola (sissly4)

From: viola (sissly4)


I am in Modesto California right now.let me tell you there isn't hardly any restaurants open and if it is is drive-thru and my friend is gluten-free is diabetic chicken eat very little so this morning all she had was orange juice and an apple I didn't have anything until 2:00 we finally found one that we could order something she had a corn dog I had a hot dog and some fries it is terrible and you got to wear a mask when you go in the motels don't serve no food all the surface water they don't even serve coffee